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Attractive physical appearance sometimes reflects your own personality. Thus, it is very important that you always look best outside and feel good inside. Introducing the boho chic trend!!!.

Attractive physical appearance sometimes reflects your own personality. Thus,Guest Posting it is very important that you always look best outside and feel good inside. Introducing the boho chic trend!!!This season boho chic style is the latest in fashion trend. Actually, this style has been in the fashion industry for many years now and has just come back again. You will find many Hollywood celebrities rocking this style.Boho or also known as bohemian, when it comes to fashion, refers to being open minded and an artistic lifestyle. It does not have any rules to follow. Your main goal to successfully achieve the look is to deliver your own style and be yourself. That’s it!Today, the trendiest boho chic look is wearing the late 60’s to early 70’s flower- power fashion, which is free-spirit and rich-hippie life style.What to wear:This year wearing materials with many layers like tunic, vest, long skirt, a wide belt on the waist and a pair of flat gladiator shoes are perfect boho chic items to grab.You may also choose to wear wide, high waist jeans instead of a long skirts and deresses. Then pair it with a tunic or a loose t-shirt and a pair of flat sandals, like flip-flops.Other items that you must own to become an ultimate boho-chic chick are the Ugg Boots, Big Shades, Distressed Jeans, Floppy Beret and of course, don’t forget the most important thing of all, accessories! Wear couple of bangles or a long, dangle earrings.How to wear:Opt for earthy and rich hues like rust-red, mustard-yellow, moss-green, brown and a touch of turquoise. Use patterns, big and small flowers with stripes and dots!Boho style also comes in a trend full of details, which gives meaning for every outfit, such as beads, items, fringes and flounces that can be usually found in jewelries, bags, shoes and other boho items.Leather and suede are also important elements for the ethno-chic look. A brown jacket or vest in suede goes very well with the style. The shoes and belts should be braided or made by aged leather with brass buckles.In terms of make-up, you will just need to keep it simple. Just have some eye curl and mascara if you want.The good thing about getting the boho chic look is that nothing has to match. It is not complicated as any other think about. It is easy to pull the style. Just think of vintage. Think of something relaxed. Think of something ethnic and that’s it. You can perfectly achieve the boho trend.

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