Global Coenzyme A Market To Progress At 8.1% CAGR

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Therapeutic importance of coenzyme A is related to promote cellular respiration, mitochondrial repair diet and increase fat burning enzymes. Increasing biotechnology research and recent technological advancement in food and nutrition science have a positive influence in the coenzyme A market growth.

The latest market report published by Acute Market Reports “Coenzyme A Market - Growth,Guest Posting Future Prospects, Competitive Analysis, 2018 - 2026,” the global coenzyme A market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2018 to 2026.

Market Insights

Coenzyme A is a non-protein molecule biomolecule which catalyzes activation of several enzymes and drive important chemical reactions in human body. Naturally it is synthesized from vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid which is found in abundance in natural sources such as vegetables, meat, legumes and milk. Researchers have investigated that 4% of the human enzymes utilize coenzyme A as a cofactor or substrate, which has gained it immense popularity as a dietary supplement. Biotechnology research is being conducted on a large scale to tap its therapeutic efficacy.

Lithium salts are the most stable derivative of coenzyme A currently used in biochemical reactions. The inherent features of trilithium salt is its ability to increase the stability of coenzyme A and render it inert in storage conditions. It is widely employed in biomedical research pertaining to inflammation and cell biology. Sodium salt derivative finds immense popularity in dietary supplements on account of its enhance solubility in aqueous solutions and rapid ion-exchange mechanism at cellular level.

Biotechnology research is gathering maximum revenue in the application segment for coenzyme A market. Coenzyme A is an important cofactor in several human metabolic biochemical mechanism. It has gained increasing popularity in pharmaceutical industry for its ability to prolong medicine half-life and in favoring the pharmacodynamics effect of drug at the receptor level. Dietary supplement will be the fastest growing market in application segment owing to the importance of coenzyme A in synthesizing fatty acids, proteins and ATP generation to promote cellular respiration and replication.

In the present scenario North America is the clear leader in regional segment for coenzyme A market. The key attributes responsible for the dominance of North America are flourishing biotechnology industry and increasing demand in pharmaceutical industry for coenzyme A salt derivatives in synthesizing important bioenzymes. In Europe the coenzyme A market growth is determined by rising public health awareness and domicile of major players such as SigmaAldrich, Merck KGaA and DSM. Asia Pacific serves as a lucrative market opportunity for key players on account of increasing number of patients suffering with metabolic disorders. Emerging local players exert competition to major players thereby posing a positive impetus to coenzyme A market growth in Asia Pacific.

The biomolecules manufacturing companies present in the coenzyme A market are Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc., BASF, Cayman Chemical, Creative Enzymes, DSM, Lee BioSolutions, Inc., Merck KGaA, PerkinElmer, Inc., SigmaAldrich and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

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Key Market Movements:

• Prospering biotechnology and dietary supplement industry
• Rising importance of coenzyme A as an important cofactor in several intermediary biochemical mechanism
• Production of coenzyme A salt derivatives are relatively easy in chemical labs and are widely employed by pharmaceutical industry for production of enzymes

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