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Rattan furniture is sophisticated, polished and extremely attractive.Traditionally, high quality rattan furniture generally makes use of a teak frame.

If you have a patio or a garden space that you are proud of,Guest Posting then, rattan furniture is probably the best way to show it off. Rattan furniture is sophisticated, polished and extremely attractive. There is nothing like enjoying a quiet glass of wine, relaxing on a rattan sofa and looking out at the vast expanse of blue sky!Rattan is a kind of vine. After drying, the vine becomes pliable when it is heated. So, heated vines are bent and molded into desirable shapes to form furniture. As soon as these vines cool, they become stiff and hard. Thus, rattan furniture is environment friendly, durable and strong. Many people mistake rattan furniture for wicker furniture. True, rattan furniture makes use of the wicker technology but all wicker furniture is not rattan. Wicker furniture can be made of bamboo or grass, among other things. Traditionally, high quality rattan furniture generally makes use of a teak frame. This combination is great for warm and dry conditions. However, Rattan being a natural material, it is vulnerable to mold attack if it is left exposed to moisture for long periods. To prevent this, some manufacturers provide a protective coating over the furniture. The alternative is to store rattan furniture away from moisture. Therefore, while choosing natural rattan furniture, it is important to consider the level of moisture in the area and the climate that you live in. These days, in order to make rattan furniture last longer, a synthetic form of rattan is used. These are known as resin rattan, poly or plastic rattan. These are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also cheaper than the natural variety. Of course, stylistic and design elements do play a role in deciding the cost. Even so, you can find every possible style and color in synthetic rattan furniture, at a highly affordable price. Rattan furniture is available in different varieties. You can get individual pieces or complete sets. Sets are more useful if you want to create different styles and a coordinated look, although sets are naturally more expensive that individual pieces. You can also find small pieces to complement existing furniture, like coffee tables, foot stools or chairs. Rattan furniture is idea for the conservatory where it is dry and warm throughout the year. In such conditions, natural rattan will last for well over 15 years. But if you want to invest a limited sum of money without compromising the style and looks, then synthetic rattan furniture is the best choice.

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