HSM Document Shredders - An Overview

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HSM of America is a terrific manufacturer of paper shredders.  This article will give a brief overview of the types of shredders HSM produces so you can determine if one would be right for your home or office.

HSM of America is a terrific manufacturer of paper shredders. The company,Guest Posting based in Germany, offers high-quality shredders of every type, from compact, deskside shredders to premium, high-security machines for use by government agencies. This article will give a brief overview of the types of shredders HSM produces so you can determine if one would be right for your home or office.

HSM Compact Shredders

As the name implies, these are the smallest shredders HSM makes. These shredders have a cutting capacity of up to 18 sheets and have either Level Two or Three security, depending on the shredder's cutting style. (Cross-cutting offers more security than strip cutting because it produces smaller shreds.) All of these machines have an automatic start/stop feature, a reverse function for clearing up jams, solid steel blades that munch up paper clips and staples, and thermally protected motors that resist overheating so you won't damage your motor and need to replace the machine. These shredders are super quiet so they won't add to the cacophony of your busy office. (One less stressor - hooray!) Finally, these shredders are ideal for use either at home or work, and they're small enough to fit under or beside a desk for easy access.

HSM Office Shredders

These paper shredders are perfect for busy offices that need a high-capacity shredder that can be used by many different people. These machines can shred up to 42 sheets in a single pass and they go all the way up to Level Six security so they're perfect for shredding highly sensitive information. These paper shredders have powerful continuous-duty motors so you can keep on shredding, and the motors are also protected against the possibility of overheating because they're thermally protected. Some of the higher-end models can even shred CD's, so you'll have a way of destroying your electronic media.

HSM Professional and Premium Shredders

HSM Professional paper shredders are perfect for high-volume use in any office. These shredders can destroy paper and credit cards, and other models, such as the HSM 390.3, can also shred CD's and floppy disks, so you'll have awesome shredding power. (Take that, identity thieves!) Meanwhile, HSM Premium shredders are truly hardcore. You can shred up to 650 sheets at once with this machine, which is simply incredible. CD's and other electronic media can be destroyed as well.

HSM Highest Security Shredders

These units are HSM's big kahunas. They offer the highest level of security possible. In fact, the security level is so high that there isn't a DIN standard for it yet. These machines are the ones to choose if you need to destroy highly classified information, such as government data. They also offer reliable destruction of electronic media. Some additional features include an automatic start/stop feature that can detect when paper is entering the throat, an automatic stop that kicks in when the wastebasket is full, and a touch-sensitive keypad for easy operation. Also, the HSM Nanoshred 726 has a special feed area for punched tapes.

It's clear that HSM produces a great variety of paper shredders that have very high levels of security. If you need a shredder to purge your unneeded information, give HSM paper shredders a look and prepare to be amazed.

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