Huntington Beach Photographer offer 3 Beach Wedding Photography Tips

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The beach is a terrifc place to have a wedding. There are a number of terrific locations in Orange County to have a beach wedding. This article looks at ways in which a Huntington Beach photographer can take some great beach pictures.

People from around the world choose to have a Huntington beach wedding – and for good cause. A portrait of a bride and groom making their vows with the sun setting over the water in the background,Guest Posting with sand on their feet and the wind blowing their hair can be a stunning hallmark of any wedding album.

A wedding at an OC beach however can have some unpredictability that can create challenges for any Orange County wedding photographer. This article looks at three ways in which a Huntington Beach wedding photographer can increase his chances of capturing that perfect shot.

First, keep your eye on the tides. OC photographers frequently make the mistake of finding the perfect place for the bride and groom. Then, to their dismay on the day of the wedding that spot is three feet under water. This scenario can be avoided by simply checking where the tides will be o the day and time of the wedding.

Second, be prepared with the right equipment. A cover for your lenses is a must. Sand can damage the best of lenses and water can ruin the internal workings of any camera. Also your subjects might want to get some sand off of their hands and feet. Talcum powder works well for this. Make sure you have some with you in your bag. There is a good possibility that someone may get wet. Bring a towel. You will be the hero of the wedding if someone does get too close to a wave.

Third, make sure you know what time the sun sets! If you are striving to get that perfect shot you need to know what the light is going to be light. Plan with the bride and groom the time when they will be taking portraits.

Beach photography is a unique and rewarding niche within the photography industry. Follow these three tips and you are more likely to get that stunning wedding portrait!

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