Laguna Beach Photographer Offers Tips for Photographing a High School Prom

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A photographer in Laguna Beach offers suggestions for the photographing a high school prom.

Photographing a high school prom can be a terrific way to expand photographer’s High School Senior base. It can also financially rewarding in and of itself. However,Guest Posting it can also present some challenges. This article offers some suggestions for photographing a prom successfully and profitably.

  1. Bring an assistant. There is simply too much work for a single person to complete in the amount of time that is typically prom affords. An assistant should be available to take down names and orders and explain the procedure and process selecting the correct image. You assistant can also help in posing the subjects.
  2. Order your backdrops well in advance. There are a number of companies which rent out backdrops. The schools prom committee will likely desire to choose the correct backdrop. Seek the committee’s backdrop decision well in advance so there is plenty of time to adjust for any delivery delay.
  3. Arrive early to setup your equipment and have spare lighting. If your lighting fails and you don’t have any backup, you are in for a long night. Avoid this nightmare by having your tested equipment early.
  4. Stick to one or two good standard poses. Depending on the size of the school, you will need to photograph a number of couples in a short period of time. Establish a process for gathering information, posing and shooting that is streamlined and efficient and stick to it. If you don’t keep things moving, there is the very real possibility that clients willing to pay will not have an opportunity to be photographed. This will disappoint your and your clients. You will lose revenue and reputation. Your client will lose the opportunity to memorialize their special day.
  5. Pass out business cards and other promotional material. This is a great opportunity to market for high school senior portraits. In addition, offer to tag one of their pictures on their Facebook account. This will allow all of their friends to see your work. The week you post their pictures to your website, add a prominent display of your senior portraits.

Photographing a wedding can be a challenging activity for your photography business. By following the above tips, it is more likely to be a rewarding experience.

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