MBM Triumph 6550EP Electric Programmable Paper Cutter Review

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The MBM Triumph 6550EP electric paper cutter is designed for heavy duty cutting applications where strength, accuracy and safety are essential.This review will take a quick look at the strengths, weaknesses and construction of the 6550EP.


  • The MBM Triumph 6550EP electric paper cutter is designed for heavy duty cutting applications where strength,Guest Posting accuracy and safety are essential.
  • The 6550EP is a fully programmable paper cutter with an electric back gauge, and a great set of safety feature. It is a fully featured paper cutter and is actually the paper cutter that we use here in our own production department.
  • This review will take a quick look at the strengths, weaknesses and construction of the 6550EP.

Features / Strengths:

  • The MBM Triumph 6550 EP is extremely easy to use and accurate. You simply type in size that you want to cut on the small keypad and the backgauge of the cutter will move to the appropriate position. You can move it in increments as small as one onehundredth of an inch and can also set the cutter to operate in metric measurements if necessary. The cutter comes with a convenient wooden tool to help you make sure that your paper is flush against the backgauge and prepared for cutting.
  • The 6550EP can cut large quantities of paper at one time. It can cut up to three inches of paper at a time without any problem and we frequently use our cutter to cut plastic covers and other materials in large stacks. However, if you decide to cut hard materials and chip your blade you will need to replace it which will cost several hundred dollars.
  • The 6550EP is also extremely safe. It has a clear plastic guard on the back of the cutter to prevent you from putting your hands into the cutter from behind the blade. It also has a special safety shield that must be in the down position in order to cut and requires two handed operation to activate the cutting mechanism. All of these features help to ensure that the operator of this cutter is always safe and that nobody ever cuts off a finger.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • The 6550EP can present some fairly major installation issues if you are not prepared. It weighs 801 pounds and needs to be assembled when it arrives. You have to assemble the stand then place the cutter onto the stand. Make sure that you have enough people to lift the cutter without hurting yourselves.
  • Additionally, the size of the box and the cutter is large enough that you need to make sure that you have a door large enough to fit cutter through. This is especially important for print shops and copy shops who sometimes have limited access and small doorways. Even if you do get the cutter through the door you will need to make sure that you have a 20A dedicated circuit near the cutter to ensure that it gets enough power to do the job.
  • In order to maintain high quality cuts with the 6550EP you need to make sure that you rotate and replace the cutting sticks with the cutter and keep the blade sharp. It is always a good idea to have an extra blade and several extra cut sticks on hand in case you end up needing them.
  • The 6550EP offers a 25.5" cutting width. This is great for cutting small format papers and is ideal for master sheets of paper that are in 23" x 35". However, many paper stocks come in 26" x 40" format which is too large to be cut using this cutter. These stocks will need to be precut to a smaller size such as 26" x 20" or 25" x 40 in order to handle them with the 6550EP.
  • The pressure bar for this paper cutter is not adjustable. The pressure can sometimes leave marks in the materials that are being cut. In order to deal with this, you can use a piece of chipboard on the top of your stack of documents to absorb the pressure.


  • The MBM Triumph 6550EP electric paper cutter is highly accurate, extremely safe and incredibly strong. It is ideal for copy shops, printers, and large organizations that need to do a lot of cutting with incredible precision.
  • However, before you buy the 6550EP you should really check to make sure that you can fit it through your doors, that you have a crew in place to help you set it up and that you have adequate power in place to run the machine. If you have all of these things, then the Triumph 6550EP is probably a good choice for your organization.

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