Photography Analysis of Laguna Beach Wedding Location: Laguna Village

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With some careful planning and knowledge of the location, it is possible to shoot some elegant wedding pictures at Laguna Village in Laguna Beach.

The location of the wedding ceremony is a white deck that overlooks the ocean. To get to the deck the bride and groom walk down a long white stairwell. A favorite shot of many photographers is to take a picture of the couple from behind as they descend down these stairs. From this high location,Guest Posting the photographer can capture the couple, the deck and all of it's trimmings as well as the ocean. This creates a bride and groom traveling off into the sunset effect.

One of the benefits of shooting in this location is that while the ocean is visible from most angles, the beach is not. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having pictures with the sandy beach in it, at most wedding beach locations the beach is packed with people who are using the beach. This can be very distracting background for wedding portraits and usually require a photographer to shoot at an awkward angle, or spending significant time and expense Photoshopping these persons out of the pictures.

While this distraction can be avoided from above, there is no way around it on the beach. The beach near the Laguna Village is crowded and most couples want pictures on the beach with friends and family. To avoid the crowded beach distraction, a photographer can try and have the party stand near the water facing the wedding. Even then you will need to do some Photoshop work to have a clean background.

At the entrance of Laguna Village, there is a metal arch with the words "Laguna Village" written on it. A picture of this sign is a great introduction in a wedding reception album. As a photographer, it is helpful to think how you can incorporate this sign into the album design.

Laguna Beach in Orange County has a number of beautiful beach locations. Laguna Village is one of those locations. With careful planning and knowledge of the center a photographer can shoot some stunning wedding portraits.

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