Secure Storage: Mitigate Your Office Surplus

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Before uprooting your business and employees for a bigger facility, give some thought to staying put and placing some unused equipment and some of your supplies into secure storage.

Office space is at a premium these days. You pay for every foot of space. Before uprooting your business and employees for a bigger facility,Guest Posting give some thought to staying put and placing some unused equipment and some of your supplies into storage.

This can free up more work space for you and your employees. It can keep you in your current location, making it easier for customer to find you and employees not have to uproot and relocate to a new facility.

If you have excess inventory, furniture or equipment, it does not have stay on site. You can put it into a secure storage facility and free up valuable space in your current location. Maybe there are old documents that you need to keep in the company, just not within arm's reach anymore. If you had a secure off-site facility, could those documents be stored there? A secured storage facility could be your answer to storing those documents off-site. A climate-controlled, monitored storage site could be just the thing to free up space in your business and money in your budget.

Secure storage is a low-cost alternative to building or leasing a bigger facility for your business. If it is storage you need, there are ways to address that need without building a bigger facility. Renting storage space can be done at a fraction of the cost of building or leasing additional space.

And it you do opt for self-storage, know that you will not be putting your documents into a cold, dank warehouse. We provide you with a climate-controlled room perfect for document storage. You have the assurance of 24-hour security at the site and the ability to get to your documents whenever you need them – even weekends and late-night hours. You will have an entry system that enables you to access your office items and documents whenever you need them regardless of whether our office is open or not.

If making the office storage move yourself, many facilities will offer you use of a truck or hand carts to make the self-storage effort easier.

Our climate-controlled facility can serve as your warehouse, enabling you to put seldom used items into far back storage and fast-moving products or often-needed items in the front. Are you finding that you frequently are having to reorganize things because of a lack of business storage space? Is your business not running as efficiently as it could because too many things are being stored on site and the right things are not accessible when you need them?

If so, business self-storage may be a wise move for you. You can make your workplace less cluttered and decrease stress levels because what is remaining in the office is more easily found. Think of a business self-storage facility as your own warehouse, just without the hassle and expense of going out and building a warehouse. And with construction costs continuing to rise, using self-storage instead of building your own secure storage facility just makes sense.

And you can get to your supplies, equipment or information whenever you need to, 365 days per year.

Consider self-storage for your business today. Call us and we'd be glad to help figure out a storage solution for your company.

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