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Photobooks are the newest way to preserve your memories forever. Here are ten great themes around which to build your books.

Photo books are the newest way to preserve your memories forever. Here are ten great themes around which to build your books.

1. The Kids. First days,Guest Posting first steps, first day of school, even up to the first date. Photo books are a great way to put all of the major "firsts" milestones in one place. Make a book for each of your children, and they will have something they will keep forever.

2. Vacations. Whether it is just one particularly great trip or all the great trips you took in a year, putting them together in a beautiful book will keep the memories fresh and the fun alive until the next big adventure.

3. Weddings. Making your own photo book of someone's wedding is a great project, and a one of a kind gift that is sure to be appreciated. Hint: pick a theme, be it amusing or poignant and craft the book around that theme. This will help you book stick out among the mountains of gifts.

4. Family Story Books. Every family has a story. Whether you choose to document a year in the life, or to gather photos from the generations that came before, your family photo book has an important story to tell, and you are just the one to tell it. It will be a wonderful gift to for all the generations to follow.

5. Sports Books. Got a sports-crazy family? Put all their team and action photos from the year in one great book that they can proudly show off to all their friends. Team photos and action shots could all be included, and the books will be a trophy no matter how the season ended up.

6. Birthdays. Cakes and candles and all those presents. Who doesn't want to remember their birthday? Put all your family celebrations into one annual photo book, or make a separate book for each occasion. Either way, the fun of the birthdays will last the whole year long.

7. Scrapbooks. Taking photos of the items you might ordinarily put in a scrapbook is an elegant way to make sure that these items are preserved forever. Your pages can be attractively arranged and photographed, and this way, you don't have to worry about damaging your precious keepsakes.

8. Pets. We know that you have the most amazing cat in the whole wide world, your bird is the smartest, and your doggie is the best. Why not show them all off to the world, and keep their memories alive forever by putting all that goodness into book form? You could make a book for each pet or create one book that represents the whole zoo.

9. Cookbooks. There are so many ideas for cookbooks, that its hard to know where to start. One idea: contact your entire family and gather all of their favorite recipes together and put them all in one book. It's a great way to preserve old family favorites, and to see the new dishes that keep your favorite people fueled and fed.

10. Graduations. Capture these rites of passage whether from daycare, grade school, or college. Or hey, why not put all of them together in one book?

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