The Growing Importance Of Consumer Reports

Jan 16


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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Every year, the market is flooded with new products and improved versions of existing products with attractive advertisements and tempting offers. Mos...

Every year,The Growing Importance Of Consumer Reports Articles the market is flooded with new products and improved versions of existing products with attractive advertisements and tempting offers. Mostly, consumers have no way to know whether a product is what it claims to be or not without actually buying and using it. If the product turns out to be a dud, they cannot recover the money they have paid. This is the reason Consumer Reports is growing in importance. Consumer Reports is a monthly US magazine that has continuously been in publication since 1936. It is published by Consumers Union, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "test products, inform the public, and protect consumers". The magazine is trusted by millions of consumers to give generally good and honest appraisals of products. The reports are free of bias and not afraid to offend large corporations, as evidenced by the several lawsuits the magazine has faced over the years.

The publishers of the magazine have taken it upon themselves to tell the truth regardless of the risks involved. As such, they follow extremely strict codes of conduct and refrain from publishing any material that remotely looks like promotion. They also prohibit companies from using any positive reports for the purpose of advertisement. They purchase the products anonymously at retail prices and do not accept any free samples from manufacturers.

This strict practice allows the magazine to maintain the level of editorial independence rarely found in other publications. However, the same has also earned it lawsuits and controversies, naturally. The magazine was sued by the Bose Corporation in 1971, by Suzuki in 1988, by Rivera Isuzu in 1997 and by Sharper Image in 2003. Because of the honesty and integrity it maintains, the magazine has never lost a lawsuit or been forced to accept a settlement.

However, Consumer Reports has been known to make a few errors which it has taken pains to rectify. One recent case is of the controversy over child safety seat in 2007. The findings of the report were refuted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Subsequently, the magazine removed the report and apologized to the readers. There have also been a few other controversies. Regardless of these minor missteps, the magazine continues to provide highly accurate and reliable product assessments for the benefit of the American public.

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