Unibind XU638 Six Heater Binding Machine Review

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The Unibind XU638 is a high volume binding system that is specifically designed for print shops, large organizations, binderies and other large volume Unibind users.The XU-638 is compatible with all of the different styles of Unibind supplies and is great for getting large jobs done fast.


  • The Unibind XU638 is a high volume binding system that is specifically designed for print shops,Guest Posting large organizations, binderies and other large volume Unibind users.
  • This system offers the ultimate in productivity. In fact, it can bind up to 48 documents, reports or presentations at one time.
  • The XU-638 is compatible with all of the different styles of Unibind supplies and is great for getting large jobs done fast.

Strengths / Features:

  • The Unibind XU-638 is an incredibly fast binding system. There is no need to wait for the machine to warm up. You can simply place your covers on the machine and in just over one minute your bound documents will be finished. All that is left to do is let them cool.
  • The Unibind XU638 is built for high volume applications where it is important to bind a large number of documents quickly. This system has six heating elements. Each element has a binding capacity of 36mm. This means that the system offers a total binding capacity of 216mm. Using 1mm Unibind covers or spines it is potentially possible to bind up to 48 documents at a time using this unit. Or if you are binding 36mm (1-1/2") documents you can bind up to six documents at one time. That is impressive.
  • The heating units on the XU 638 are operated independently of each other. This makes it possible to start one heating unit while you are loading another. This is great for increasing productivity since it can be very difficult to assemble documents fast enough to keep with this machine. When you place a document into one of the heating units it will turn red to tell you that it is working and when it is finished it will turn green to tell you that it is finished. Each heating unit has its own set of lights so that you can know where each set of documents is in the binding process.
  • This machine is designed for use with all of the different styles of Unibind supplies that are available on the market. This provides users of the XU638 with a number of great choices for binding their documents including:
    • Steelbook hard cover cases provide the ability to create highly professional hard bound reports and presentations. These covers are available in letter size and half letter size and come in a number of different colors and finishes.
    • Steelback spines are available for users who want to use their own covers with their documents and reports. These spines come with a fly sheet attached to the front and back of the spine. You simply bind your pages between the fly sheets and then tear them off leaving your own professionally printed covers.
    • Steelcrystal covers use a steel binding spine with a high quality glossy clear cover attached to both the front and back. These covers allow you to use your own printed covers and provide protection for your documents from moisture and stains.
    • SteelMat covers are a lot like SteelCrystal covers but use a frost matte cover on the front and the back. These matte covers are resistant to scratching and provide a softer more elegant look to your documents.
    • Unibind Photobooks provide an option for binding landscape documents using high quality stylish hard covers. These covers are available in a number of different sizes and colors and can be customized with windows.
  • The finished documents produced by the Unibind XU638 are extremely durable and professional. The steel spines used by the Unibind system offers one of the most durable binds available from any binding system on the market. Plus, your finished documents will have the look and feel of a perfect bound book. You can't ask for more than that.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • One of the main limitations of this binding system is the fact that it does not include a cooling rack. Other smaller Unibind binding machines include several heaters and several cooling racks. This unit only includes the heaters. This means that you will need to find a place to allow your documents to cool. It is best that the documents cool upright with gravity pulling the pages into the glue filled steel spine. You can either use a book cart or buy a Unibind Bookstand for cooling your documents.
  • Although the Unibind XU638 is excellent for a many different applications it is extremely limited in the sizes of documents that it can handle. Unibind binding spines and covers are available in 11" lengths for letter size binding and in 8.5" for half letter or landscape binding. A few other sizes are available as part of the Photobook line of hard covers. However, if you need to bind legal sized documents or any custom document lengths then this system is not a great fit.
  • Like all thermal binding systems, the XU638 will have difficulty binding some documents that are printed on coated or high gloss paper stocks. One way around this when using the Unibind system is to place a couple of staples close to the edge of your books that are printed on these types of stocks. If you staple the edge of the book close to the binding edge the staples will be hidden inside the steel channel and you will never see them and this will allow the glue to adhere to the entire book block preventing any single page from falling out of the bind.
  • The maximum document thickness compatible with the XU638 is 36mm or 1.5 inches. If you need to bind documents that are larger than this you will need to look for a different type of binding system.


  • The Unibind XU-638 is ideal for organizations that are looking for a high volume binding system to quickly bind large numbers of reports, presentations or proposals.
  • In fact, this system can more than likely bind your documents faster than you can assemble them.
  • Provided that you can live with the available sizes, colors and lengths available in Unibind supplies this machine should be a great fit for you.
  • Just make sure that you have a plan for cooling your documents after the XU638 is finished binding them.

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