Very Challenging Face of Patent Application in India

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A patent application search is a legal request pending at patent office seeking grant of a patent for invention claimed by that application.  Patent application is a brief description of invention come together with official forms and correspondence relating to the patent application.  

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Legally, a provisional patent application is a set of patent claims and aim of patent filing is to obtain an earlier priority date, which will beat the competitors to work closely in the latest technology. A patent application will be filed within 12 months from the date of filing patent application which go out of the range of the invention with the claims.  Patent application will be published after 18 months from the date of filing of the priority patent application new company registration.  

International Perspective for Patent Application - International patent application will be filed in more than 190 countries. Patent your invention legally today and protect your legal rights around you and you can go for legal actions across the country.  Patent office will examine deeply an observation and file an application, if any applicant can file a request for patent approval examination.  The request for examination should be field after the publication of the patent application within 36 months from the date of priority date of patent filling.     

Approval of Patent Application: Once applicant will file a patent application along with all the requirements according to patent rules and regulations under patent act. Patent office will issue patent approval and intimation of grant for patent application. Patent approval will be issued to patent applicant.   

Types of Patent applications:

1) Ordinary Application: A patent application is filed at patent office without any reference at patent office. 2) Convention application: This application will be filed for 12 months at patent office. 3) PCT- International Application: PCT International patent application is an international patent agreement to file patent applications. 4) PCT -National Phase Application: Nationally, patent application has been filed at national level.  5) Application for Patent of Addition: Additional of patent application is an application made for legal right in respect of any country. 6) Divisional Application: Divisional patent application is useful application, if any objection will arise in the path of patent application.

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