What Is The Discrepancy Between Fixed and Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter?

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In recent years,Guest Posting with the popularity of the new technology for the digital flow meter, the using of ultrasonic flow meter which is the accurate measuring of the fluid flow has decreased rapidly. As we all know, measuring theory of the portable flow meter, which uses the ultrasonic technology, is the measuring method which is propagation speed difference method and Doppler method. Ultrasonic flow meter can be used for non- contact measurement and there are many different kinds of ultrasonic flow meter. Although various of ultrasonic flow meter, their principle is the same. As we all know, the ultrasonic flow meter could be divided into two main series that one is called portable flow meter and the other is called fixed ultrasonic flow meter. Now, we will tell you the difference between this two kinds of flow meter.

The difference of application occasions is the crucial point for the discrepancy between fixed ultrasonic flow meter and portable ultrasonic flow meter. The Fixed ultrasonic flow meter could be installed in a fixed position for a long-term and continuous measurement of fluid flow which at the particular pipeline; the portable ultrasonic flow meter has great mobility and it is mainly used for temporary measurements for the fluid flow of different pipe. The suitable type of ultrasonic flow meter is basically depends on the singular for the working condition. If you want to buy the ultrasonic flow meter with the high quality and reasonable price, you could search http://www.heremeter.com/ . The heremeter will provide you with the best products around the world.

The different ways of power supply is another point. Fixed ultrasonic flow meter require long-term and continuously operation. For this reason, you should use the 220V AC power. On the other hand, the portable ultrasonic flow meter can not only use the AC power which type is on-site, but only equipped with built-in rechargeable battery. The portable flow meter can work continuously for 5 to10 hours. This kind of ultrasonic flow meter could give the greatly conveninence to the needs of temporary flow measurement in diverse occasions.

The final factor we want to say is the difference of some functions. Due to the fixed Portable flow meter ultrasonic flow meter usually has the function of 4 to 20mA signal output which has been utilized for remote display. But the inner of fixed ultrasonic flow meter could only store parameters of one pipeline; on the other hand, the portable ultrasonic flow meter is only used for the on-site inspection of temporal flow and short time cumulative flow and it does not have the function of general output signal. But in order to facilitate the measurement of the flow for different pipe, it has a wealth function of storage. Frankly speaking, it can store dozens parameters of separate pipes at the same time. The operator could use these parameters at any time as they wish.

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