Woman’s Guide to Jewelry Wardrobe: Buying at Fashion Shops Online

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We all know that every woman out there needs a pair or even twenty of jeans then a few pairs of black shoes (at the very least ballet flats,Guest Posting kitten heels and stilettos), a cocktail dress, a few basic skirts, a chic business suit, a cardigan sweater and the list goes on. These are fashion staples that women needs and aside from that, she also needs basic fashion jewelry and to be exact seven, with which to accessorize her outfits.Jewelry are commonly found in the mall and thanks to technology, one can also find them online and for one’s convenience – order them then have them delivered right at your doorstep and all you have to do was point and click your mouse. Easy right? Fashion shops online offering jewelry are popping up everywhere so all you have to do is well do a little bit of research about a particular website to be safe.First jewelry on the list: The Diamond Stud Earrings.You can never go wrong here since almost everybody can pull off wearing this pair of earrings. These are elegant timeless earrings and is simple enough to be worn with other jewelry and any style of hair dress. Look for clear, sparkling gems with at least ½ carat total weight, set in white gold or platinum and not yellow gold in order to show off their colorlessness. Screw backs would ensure that you won’t lose your investment and extra pre-caution such as making sure that the setting is secure like four prongs to three.Second Jewelry on the list: Pearl StudsSimilar to diamond studs they can be worn easily and would match easily to any outfits. Simple, elegant and classic it shows off the sophistication of a woman.Go for freshwater pearls that shows off their iridescence flawlessly.Third Jewelry on the list: Dangle EarringsYou will love dangle earrings because of the drama they evoke and the convenience of hook backs make them easy to put on and remove. Keep in mind that dangle earrings aren’t used for everyday use since they will look out of place with a tank as an example. This for a rather casual-formal occasion so look for a classic and elegant design with neutral color like metal style one that ends in a cultured pearl for example. Don’t choose anything trendy or cute to make it a staple piece on your wardrobe, use the convenience of fashion shops online to narrow down your search.Fourth Jewelry on the list: Gold or Silver hoop earringsA few styles of hoop earrings can be considered staples, from small diamond-encrusted loops to gargantuan sizes such as what J-Lo would be often seen wearing. It all depends on what you like of course so choose hoops that would fit your personality. Oversized hoops can oversize a short hairdo, an updo or a face with small features so be sure to take an overall picture before heading out on the streets.Fifth Jewelry on the list: Pearl StrandsGo for an 18-inch princess length in a classic creamy white. This length is very versatile and the color is timeless. Any freshwater pearl would fit the bill even cultured ones.Sixth Jewelry on the list: Tin Cup necklaceIf you feel that having a pearl strand necklace is just a little bit too Barbara Bush then you can try a Tin Cup necklace these are pearls that are evenly spaced on a chain and is a gorgeous alternative. It is never a mistake to add this on your wardrobe.Seventh Jewelry on the list: A Classic TimepieceChoose a watch that is classic, functional and also stylish. A water-resistant sterling silver watch or a classic tank watch will both look nice but on a formal wear otherwise I suggest you tuck it in your cuffs or sleeves. A stainless steel watch is better than leather for it will last longer.Stick with a classic white or muted watch face with numbers that are easy to read. If you’re going for bold colors they may be bit distracting but a glow-in-the-dark face is a plus. Particular with brands? Rolex, Tag Heuer or Swiss Army would be great choices.

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