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Astrology, the science which predicts the future based on the positions of planets and stars was always a subject of debate. When some people are questioning the credibility of astrology, some others vouch for it on the basis of their personal experience.

Every one is worried about their future. Especially in the present world where competition is tough in every field,Guest Posting people have no safety for their life. It is very difficult to get a job after education and even if there is a job, there is no guarantee that they will continue the job for a long time. As new developments in technology are happening day by day, the old stuff will always have to leave the way for the new one. At this juncture, there is no doubt that people are becoming more religious and more devotional. They feel God as the only source upon which they can rely on. This new trend has increased the scope for astrology and horoscope predictions. Taking this as a chance many media are coming up with free 2012 horoscope along with their new year edition. Some business organizations are coming up with 2012 calendar including the horoscope and certain other astrological predictions in general.

The rationalists have already dismissed astrology as just another miracle created to attract more people. But those, who are in the field of astrology, vouch the authenticity of it. According to them, various planets and stars have a great influence on earth. Every planet has a magnetic power inside it as in the case of earth. These magnetic fields produce certain energy and this energy is capable of deciding things to happen in our world. So, by a close study of these planets and stars one can predict the future of a parson. But in general predictions like 2012 horoscope or monthly horoscope that is appearing on various websites and print media only a few things will come true in our life. Here the predictions will make for persons born on each zodiac symbols. So the calculation of the time of birth will be on an average basis. That is why the predictions like career horoscope of weekly horoscope are not matching with the actual things happening in our life. Still these predictions can give us a clue about what these stars have in stock for us. 

It is necessary to have the exact time and date of birth to predict particularly for a person. There are so many websites are providing monthly horoscope on the basis of one’s time and date of birth. This will help you to some extent to decide your future steps. Generally most of the people are taking the weekly horoscope as a guideline which will help them to plan their work. If an accident has been predicted, they prefer to avoid journey to maximum extent. If a favorable situation has been predicted, they prefer to have the business discussions on that day. The career horoscope will help you to choose the best suitable career for you. According to the astrologers, persons born on a specific sign will have a lot of similar characters. So, it is possible to predict the profession that suites them. 

Whatever may be the truth, more and more people are getting attracted to astrology and horoscope. Even though it is useless as you believe, it is not harmful to follow certain things. So, purchase a 2012 calendar that has 2012 horoscope for all zodiac signs. Try to plan your future as per the suggestions given in that. Try to find out the authenticity of astrology and horoscope by yourselves. 

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