How Different Are Recruitment Strategies For IBPS, IB Or ICICI Bank Recruitment 2013

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Over the last few years, especially since the global recession, nationalized recruitment is becoming increasingly popular.

Youngsters are realizing that while nationalized jobs might not offer them the salary that is available in the private sector; but,Guest Posting there are various other perks that are on offer which negate that problem.  On the other hand, the nationalized jobs come with great respect and also offer stability.  This means that you would not have to be worried about your job and salary during phases of economic slowdown.  On the other hand, the private sector jobs have not lost their sheen yet either.  Still people are fascinated by the jobs because of the many opportunities that are on offer and the challenges that such jobs pose, making these jobs all the more satisfying.Given that now you are applying to all kinds of jobs, it is your prerogative to differentiate between different recruitment drives.  While you might wish to differentiate between nationalized and private recruitments, you would also have to know that there are internal differences that you need to appreciate as well.  Put differently, even nationalized recruitment drives would be different from one sector to another.Let us consider the difference between IB Recruitment 2013 and IBPS Recruitment 2013.   Both of these are nationalized recruitment drives; however, there is a considerable difference between the two.  The reason is that a job in the Intelligence Bureau entails different responsibilities when compared to a job in the banking sector.  You would have to go through the recruitment procedure individually for these two and find out the various nuances that you need to know.  Let’s say, if IB Recruitment 2013 is anything to go by what transpired in 2012, the recruitment would be stringent.  Your age needs to be below a certain number and you should have the necessary educational qualifications too.  You can submit an online application and the rest of the recruitment procedure would follow accordingly.  On the other hand, IBPS Recruitment 2013 will be different.  There are three types of posts for which different IBPS exams are organized, i.e. Clerks, Probationary Officers and Special Officers.  You have to sit for the exam of the post that you are interested in.  Moreover, you should also ensure that your qualification fits with the criteria of the job post that you are applying to.  Once the examination has been conducted, you would then be called for interviews by various different banks and your selection there would depend upon your IBPS exam score and your performance in the interview and other elements of the selection procedure.Now, what is also interesting to note is that there is a stark different between IBPS Recruitment 2013 and ICICI Bank Recruitment 2013.  This is because ICICI does not fall in the nationalized bank list and follows its own recruitment procedure.  You should not be mistaken to believe that there would be major similarity between these two recruitment procedures.  In fact, ICICI Bank Recruitment 2013 could be completely different from what was followed by the nationalized banks.In short, the moral of the story is that you should always differentiate properly between various recruitment drives and collect the necessary information dexterously.IB Recruitment 2013 , IBPS Recruitment 2013 , ICICI Bank Recruitment 2013

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