What is Data Entry?

Sep 11


Tony Shepard

Tony Shepard

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Everyday you enter data from one source to another. Why not learn how to get payed to do what you already do?

Data entry is the act of transferring information from one form into another. The most common type of data entry involves transferring information from written form onto a computer program. Types of data entry include transferring information from spreadsheets or paper documents into a computer. Computer programmers must be adept at data entry due to the fact that building a computer program involves entering strings of numbers into a main data base.

What Type of Jobs Employ Data Entry?

In addition to computer programmers,What is Data Entry? Articles data entry is used in accounting firms, where a data keyer transcribes and enters names and addresses into a computer. Furniture manufacturers and other types of businesses employ data entry clerks to key orders into computers. Doctors offices use data entry to transcribe patients information into data bases.

What Sets of Skills are Beneficial for Data Entry?

People considering a career in data entry should have exceptional typing skills. They should be able to sit for long periods of time in one place and be able to enter accurately information with few errors. Errors in computer coding can cause a program not to run. Errors in order entry can cause a business to send out the incorrect items, while errors in medical records can be deadly. In addition to accurate typing skills, persons considering a career in data entry should be familiar with 10 key functions. The ability to decipher handwritten documents is useful in this career field.

Are There Health Risks to Becoming a Data Keyer?

Persons who enter data for a living sit for long periods of time at a computer. It is important that data keyers employ good posture and use their computer in a proper ergonomic manner. Failure to do so could result in carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, back, or eye strain. It is recommended by doctors that people who are employed in the field of data entry get up once an hour for a period of 3-5 minutes. Stretching exercises that can be done at a desk are recommended.

What are Advantages to Working in the Data Entry Field?

With the advent of high speed internet and the majority of homes having personal computers, data entry is becoming a field in which people can freelance or telecommute. If working for a company, employees should explore telecommuting. This enables employees to work from the privacy and comfort of their home and also saves the company they are employed by money on things such as electricity and office supplies. People wishing to freelance can find job listings on the Internet, but caution must be exercised to ensure that the job opportunity is not a scam.

What Is the Pay Rate for Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs generally pay between $10-$15.00 USD per hour for experienced data keyers. For those data entry employees in the medical field who transcribe medical records, the pay can be much higher. Computer programmers who do data entry as part of their job description also typically earn more.

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