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You are in a crowded room waiting for a client and need to respond to a lengthy email. But you can't do it because you're ...

You are in a crowded room waiting for a client and need to respond to a lengthy email. But you can't do it because you're using your touch screen cell phone and your finger keeps slipping just slightly taking you to another screen. There's great news for you. Samsung Electronics UK Ltd have just created the world's first full touch phone with slide-out 3x4 keypad. This flagship handset for 2009,Guest Posting the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition, is predicted to draw new customers and strengthen Samsung's leadership in the touch, style and slide categories. The Tocco Ultra Edition was based on the success of Samsung's long history in these areas and demonstrates the company's even further advancements. Touch screen phones have started to look identical, but the design of this handset keeps it apart from the norm. The "stretched slider" design gives the handset a unique look, almost a "tall" look at about 139mm when the handset is open. Housed in an ultra-slim 12.7mm body, the full-touch and slide keypad is complimented by a vivid 2.8 inch, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) full touch screen. This display screen is extremely bright, clear and shows brilliant colors. Enhanced Haptic touch technology gives another dimension to using the screen. Plus your photos will appear with better contrast, higher definition and deeper blacks thanks to the improved AMOLED display. The Tocco Ultra allows you to control the device as easy as possible. This phone makes browsing through menus, scrolling through photos or navigating through maps enjoyable and so easy that it's like a natural instinct. An upgraded TouchWiz interface, that is included in the Tocco Ultra, enriches the browsing experience even more. For one-click access to often-used applications, drag mobile widgets and place them on the screen. Along with a great touch screen and keypad, the Samsung Tocco Ultra can be used as an 8 megapixel camera with dual power LED flash and smile shot mode. Once you take a photo, you can use the geo-tagging feature to mark the picture with geographical information and links to websites. The Tocco Ultra also has GPS navigation, as well as high-speed Internet access with HSDPA, High Speed Downlink Packet Access, with a maximum download speed of 7.2 Mbps. The Bluetooth 2.1 device provides great media plus the content can be sent wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. The other option is to transmit your music and videos through a cabled USB connection or put the 110 x 51.5 x 12.7mm phone's Micro SD memory card into your PC. Video buffs will enjoy capturing video at 30 frames per second and then editing the footage right within the phone. Software installed on the Tocco Ultra allows you to shorten footage and add subtitles. It's important to mention that the Tocco Ultra Edition is not a "smartphone", so software upgrades will more restricted but the built-in software will more than likely be sufficient for most users. The Samsung Tocco Ultra S8300 combines all the features of a great cell phone with the convenience of a keypad all into one great looking product.

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