10 Reasons Businesses Should Prefer Custom Software Development

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Custom software development and off-the-shelf-commercial software are two different things that people somehow confuse. There are two options you can choose to get your custom software needs. The first way is through our off-the-shelf commercial software, which is ready and functional right out of the box. The second choice is to have us customize a software application and build a product that purely fits into your business.

Thousands of off-the-shelf software (OCTS) products are making rounds in the competitive industry,Guest Posting meaning that they are still in use and people opt to go for it. But what’s the reason behind this escalating dilemma when everyone is aware of the profoundness of the off-the-shelf software (OCTS) development consequences and why customized application software is not preferred by most companies?

The answer is simple: “The companies who are going to set up their venture to digital world think that ready-made software precisely called the market-ready sites (packaged commercial software products)” 

These packaged solutions are just used for the sake of web application Development and the generalized needs for the website. But the misconception has still been revolving in the current market that ready-made packaged software (off-the-shelf software products) are affordable and easy to incorporate. 

But the reality is against the interpreted fact, in actuality the custom-built software turns out to be more affordable, secure and the foremost thing is it is customized so the owner can update the features and may ask the custom software development team to upgrade the existing features. In contrast to customized solutions, off-the-shelf software (OCTS) products follow the hard and fast rule which means that once you stick to the packaged market methodology, there’s no way back to upgrading and adding new features as per the customer’s requirement. 

What is Custom Software?

Custom software – is a term used to describe the use of software applications that have been developed specifically to fit the needs and requirements of a particular organization or a business, unlike COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software).

Custom software development means having an application designed to your specifications and with your goals in mind. This results in a customized solution that can be implemented, integrated and maintained within your organization quickly.

Why Do Organizations Turn To Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software?

Organizations often turn to prepackaged or commercial software to address their business needs. While that may seem like the fastest and simplest option, it can end up costing more in the long run. Cost often isn’t the only issue – packaged software comes with limitations, the most important being its failure to meet your unique requirements. 

What Makes Custom Software Development Stand Out?

A custom software product undergoes through the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) which includes the familiar steps of requirements gathering, designing the software, code construction, testing, deployment and maintenance. Custom software development is wrapped around methodologies like DevOps and Agile.

Custom software can be tailored for the needs of your business, rather than having to adapt processes and procedures to a package that has been created for an unknown audience. In addition, custom software will integrate with an existing organization's IT infrastructure.

Steps In The Custom Software Development Process

Developing a Custom Software Product for Enterprises Involves the Following Steps:

Selecting A Methodology

This step involves the selection of the framework and defines the roadmap of the development process. Methodologies include Agile Development, Waterfall or Scaled Agile Framework.

Requirements Gathering

The requirements gathering process involves the understanding of the requirements by the stakeholders or owners. After a kick-off meeting, the requirements are gathered and disseminated to the team.

Building Architecture

Software Architects on the team build the architecture for the customized software.

Designing the Concept

The designers design the concept by requirements, often involving process models and storyboards.

Code Construction

The software development team constructs the code based on the appropriate programming language. 

Managing Configuration & Defects 

Building distinct versions of the software require understanding all software artifacts (requirements, design, coding, and testing). Track and address all defects through quality assurance priorities.


Once the software is ready to release, the custom software is then deployed to the real-time market.


To maintain the quality of the custom-built software the team evaluates the overall performance, upgrade requirement and the need for features add-on.

How Dedicated Team of Custom Software Development Team Work?

The team of software development professionals will work with you to analyze your requirements, design and develop your software solution, test your product, deploy the solution and help you maintain it. The software development process is the planning done before coding a computer program to meet the user's needs. This process involves many steps which, when completed, results in a high-quality computer application. The goal of the custom software development process is to ensure that the end product meets the user's needs and expectations.

At each of the stages, the project management team works closely with the businesses to ensure the development process is transparent and satisfactory. Every step taken gives shape to your vision and needs giving your business a competitive edge. A Dedicated Development Team can be an efficient, low-risk solution for your company. Custom software development is a perfect way to see the technical expertise of professionals working with you without employing them on a daily basis. You no longer have to worry about recruiting, hiring and retaining qualified IT staff.

Why is Custom Software Development Important?

By using custom software, you can meet your business’s unique requirements at a cost that is competitive with purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

Efficient, Scalable and Affordable Custom Software Development

Custom software is created to fit the unique needs of your business or organization. This means that there is a greater chance it will meet your requirements, and provide better results, than packaged applications that are made to serve a wider audience. Efficiency, scalability and lower integration costs are among the advantages of custom software. Custom software is an application developed specifically for your organization. Some custom solutions are delivered as standalone software, but more often, custom solutions are built as integrations to existing infrastructure. In both cases, the functionality is developed exclusively for one organization, rather than generally.

The BottomLine

Custom software development should be the first choice for organizations that want to leverage their existing infrastructure and reduce integration costs. Custom software is purpose-built to support processes swiftly and productively, without the need to tinker with or adjust COTS applications. Code often grows as an organization or business grows and changes. Designers and developers can assess future needs as part of their requirements gathering. These factors can then be incorporated into the application, rather than incurring costs by purchasing additional licenses or subscriptions of packaged applications.

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