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Future of erp depends on the market condition. Presently demand of erp software in market is increased, especially from SME's customer.

ERP software,Guest Posting in the beginning were intended to provide enterprise wide solution for all business activities with single application and single data repository, but today ERP is headed towards another direction and may start appearing quite different in near future. SAP and Oracle have been the giants of ERP industry and even these companies have shown clear signals of changing their strategy and planning to provide more practical solutions to their customers rather than sticking to the old theory of ERP software.

The change which ERP software seems to adopt in near future is to have more modular approach than striving to resolve the problems of businesses with one single application. In the effort of providing one single application with all the functionality for all core business aspects ERP software have become more robust and thereby more and more complex and costly to implement. Today many companies use big ERP software at their head offices and small, easy to implement 2 tier software at work locations, these software are from different companies so sometimes problems with integration and communications arise, but companies manage such issues because they are manageable and inflict much lesser expenses and time wastage than implementing a big ERP at each location. 

Fabricated ERP solutions with set of applications where each application having deep functionality for a single business aspect like HCM, CRM, SCM, Financial management etc with complete and easy integration facilities with other applications is the future form of ERP. This gives user the leverage to switch onto ERP with step by step approach and also does not require dedication of all the human and financial resources for ERP implementation. Such a suite will have more solution oriented applications and since all the applications will interact with one data repository and will also be able to communicate with each other in real time so all the benefits of ERP software which were perceived at the beginning will remain intact.

ERP solutions inclined and equipped with more and more e-commerce facilities and tools shall come up in near future. The availability of this feature in ERP software has opened up gates for midsize companies to make their presence felt in the global markets and in order to attract more and more users from this sector, e-commerce facilities shall hold the prime place in all the ERP company’s marketing and designing strategies in future.

Hosted ERP, cloud computing, on demand and SaaS were all introduced in order to capture mid size and small sector companies by providing economical and easy to use solutions. The time and money involved with on-premise ERP software scared SME for opting for ERP solutions despite of its huge benefits, with these solutions minimum IT infrastructure is required and very less time is needed for implementation, this gives SME companies an ideal solution to utilize ERP benefits for growing and expanding their business. Such offers with more eased out licensing models and facilities are expected in future to attract more and more small and midsize buyers. Strong data security features and advanced ways of keeping backup of the user’s data will also come up to increase trust and credibility of such solutions even in the eyes of large organizations.

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