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Google is the best tool that helps its users to find everything in one place so that they do not have any problems.

It is a large platform that provides data from different parties in one place. But there are times when you have problems like you may lose your account password or something. So then,Guest Posting wondering what to do if Google can't verify your account, you reach out to the Google service team who will help you with the best solutions just follow the steps for

So you just need to follow the steps mentioned below which will help you to get rid of this problem;

The first step you need to do is step into a web browser and log in to your Gmail account with an email address.

• Then you have to type the password in the required file, if you do not remember the password then click on the Forgot Password option.

• Then enter the last password you remember and then try another way to recover your account Tap option

In the second step you will get the recovery link of your recovery email address and coincidentally, if you select the option phone you will get a verification code on your number.

After that you have to enter the code in the required fields or click on the link received by the email address.

This will get you to the recovery page

You will then need to create a new password for your account and retype the confirmation password, and then click the Save Changes option.

So these features help you get your Google Account, and it will be easy to verify that the account belongs to the users.

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