How WoW Leveling Guide Can Help WoW Newbies

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Leveling a character to level 85 of the World of Warcraft can take as much as 20 days to complete the task. This is on an average playing game without a leveling guide. With a leveling guide the average leveling time will be reduced by almost half. Proven many times and recommended in most leveling guides,Guest Posting questing and not grinding, is the fastest way to level your character. And to achieve the fastest results, it is critically important that you complete all the quests in the right order. If you don’t do them in the right order you will end up wasting a lot of time going back and returning to the same location.

Completing the quests in proper sequence will require you to remember more than 2,000 quests to know the best quest route to WoW level 85. And unless you are extremely gifted, you will never figure out the fastest quest route to level 85. You will definitely need a WoW leveling guide to tell you exactly what you need to do every step of the way. Hence, you will not have to waste time thinking where to go next or what to do next. Most leveling guides are designed to take you to level 85 in the least number of days, much lower than 20 days, with some promising to do it in less than 5 days. These leveling guides are designed in such a way that they will tell you where to go, which quest to pick, when to complete it, when to turn it in, what creatures to kill, what items to use, where to find fight points, when to use fight points, and when to set and use your heartstone.

In the World of Warcraft, time is of the essence. It is a very critical detail in the game as each second or minute count. WoW players should understand that they cannot waste time just wandering aimlessly or killing the opponents at random without proper direction and planning. Playing productively is important for the character to level up and get to the next level zones. A good WoW leveling guide will come in handy as you explore WoW dailies or every day quests.

World of Warcraft every day quests are not to be overlooked as one can gain reputation along with bonuses from WoW dailies, bought after reputation is obtained with the different factions. Leveling guides usually reveal who (which races or classes) will gain from reputation. However, not all race and class will gain from obtaining reputations so it would be best if you can consult WoW leveling guides to know who will gain from such reputation earned.

One big reason why many World of Warcraft players complete dailies quest chains is because they are a good and easy way to acquire gold. And in case you play that risk properly, you will have the big chance of making lots of gold in the shortest possible time. Take note though that there’s just no stability in making gold on the auction house so you might as well keep the gold.     

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