The basically function of the Auto Computer Aided Design

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Auto Computer Aided Design which we also call it the AutoCAD is the computer-aided design software which had been developed by Autodesk in 1982. Nowadays,Guest Posting the version of the cad software has been developed into the AutoCAD 2013, Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 and Autodesk AutoCAD 2012. Theses software is used for the two-dimensional graphics, detailed drawing, documents designation and three-dimensional design. Now, the cad software has become the widely popular drawing tools in the international drawing tools industry. Today, the online cad software seller which name is autodeskmarket would teach you the basic functions of cheap AutoCAD and Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2012. The knowledge is the source from the website .

AutoCAD has the good user interface and it will be able to carry out various operations through an interactive menu or the command line. Its Multiple Document design environment could make the non-computer professionals learn to use it quickly. In the process of continuous practice to better grasp its various applications and development skills so as to continuously improve our work efficiency. AutoCAD has a wide range of adaptability. It can run on a variety of micro-computers and workstations which have the different operating systems.

The first function the autodeskmarket want to introduce you is the dimensional drawings. The autocad could use a variety of ways to create the line, circle, ellipse, polygon and other basic graphic objects. Autodesk autocad lt 2013is one kind of drawing aids. AutoCAD provide with us the orthogonal, object snap, polar tracking, capture tracking and other drawing aids. The orthogonal feature could allow users to easily draw a horizontal and vertical straight line. The object snap could help us pick up the special geometric objects. The tracking hatched and anchor point in different directions easier.

The second point we want to tell you is about the graphics editing. As we all know, the AutoCAD has powerful editing functions. In the interface of the AutoCAD, you can move, copy, rotate, array, stretch, extend, trim and scale the object. You can create various types of size and the marked appearance can be set on your own idea. We could easily write a text in any position of the graph or along any direction. The character font, the inclination angle, the width of the scaling and other properties can be set. All of the graphic objects are located on one layer and you can set the layer color, line, line width and other characteristics.

The last point is about the 3D graphics function of the AUTOCAD 2013 and 2011. We could use this software to create the 3D solid and surface models and we could also edit the entity itself. The networking capabilities are also the big advantage of the software. The graphics can be posted on the network or network access to use the AutoCAD resources. The data exchanging is also the good factor of the AutoCAD 2013. AutoCAD provides with us a variety of graphics data exchange format and the corresponding command.

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