The brief introduction about the drawing skills of the AutoCAD

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Today,Guest Posting the online CAD software supplier which name is autodeskmarket would give more advices about how to control the drawing skills of the CAD software, autocad 2013 and Autodesk AutoCAD 2011. The first advice from the website is that we should learn the basic commands of the CAD software and apply for it excellent. As we all know, the number of drawing commands of AutoCAD 2013 up to several hundred but the commonly used commands are dozen. It is necessary for us to master these basic commands. We could use the AutoCAD finish the same thing with different command. In order to select the most appropriate command to achieve the purpose, we must be familiar with a variety of command functions and characteristics. For example, the number of commands which can generate the straight line are five. But the Line command is the most frequently and flexible used command. Other commands can be used with the Line command.The second suggestion that the autodeskmarket would introduce you is the using for the shortcut command. The startup command of AutoCAD 2013, Autodesk AutoCAD 2011, has contained the drop-down menu command, toolbar buttons, on-screen menu, the command window, the shortcut command. The practice and experience has proved that the skilled using of the shortcut command is the most effective method to improve the drawing speed. There are several ways for us to drawing the straight line. Many beginners use line tool in the toolbar mouse and then use the mouse draw straight lines in AutoCAD 2013 drawing area.The third method is the suitable combination of drawing and editing commands which would improve the drawing speed. If you are good at use the combination commands to draw graphics, you could save a lot of time to input coordinates and increase the speed of drawing. In the using process, the first step is to map out the design basis and then we should use the Offset command and trim shear command. This can help us save much time about coordinate input and speed up the drawing speed. Another example is very typically. If you want to draw an arc connection, we would commonly use the combination of circle and TRIM command. We should first draw a circle in the drawing process and then use trim to have the arc. In the drawing process, if you can master the use of some combination of command of v lt 2011 and AutoCAD 2012 Autodesk, it will greatly improve the speed of drawing.

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