City Sex Dos and Don’ts During Holiday Parties

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Attending holiday season parties is like weddings—if you’ve gone through all the trouble of dressing up,Guest Posting shopping for gifts, and suffering the humiliation subjected upon you by the gracious host, you deserve to go home with somebody from the party, or maybe at least get a phone number. And on that note, we give you a helpful City Sex guide on dos and don’ts when attending holiday parties.

DO: Thoughtfully shop for a gift. A bottle of whiskey, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, is always easy and it doesn’t fail. However,adult dating you may be rewarded if you take time to pick out a unique, funny or special gift for your host or just to give away. Instead of being labeled as The Girl Who Loved Brandy, you can be The Girl Who Rocked the Party with her nice CD of the best dance hits of the year.

DON’T: Give a dirty gift, even as a joke. Being kinky is great adult dating, but there is a right time and place for it, and neither is appropriate for the season. Women can actually get away with this more than men can. And yes, wind up penises are hilarious and inexpensive, but you wouldn’t want to be remembered as “the girl who did their gift shopping at a sex shop.”

DO: Wear comfy footwear. This City Sex tip couldn’t be stressed enough. If it’s a house party, travel in boots and bring your nice pair of shoes in a bag. Do the same thing when going to a bar or a club and just coat check them. Remember that dancing is the key holiday ritual of mating. You need dry feet with appropriate footwear to fully use your right to get down.

DON’T: Wear shoes that are too provocative, a.k.a. slutty. While holiday season parties can, and should get a little wild, this is the time when people think about family and unity. You can probably downplay the sexy until grandma goes to bed, or at least she’s had enough alcohol to even care.

DO: Have fun. Hey, it’s the holidays, so don’t forget to be merry. When you’re back home, you tend to get a little stressed by your social interactions with all the people that you often forget the fact that you should be knocking back drinks and doing the kind of things you will resolve never to do again starting January. The holiday season doesn’t have to be all about other people; it should be also about you.

DON’T: Ignore the hosts. Many of the parties we’re going to attend are hosted by our friends’ parents. For basic courtesy, pay thoughtful attention to the hosts. Make a sincere effort to show gratitude for inviting you, providing food, and for throwing the party. It can work wonders, especially if you’re planning to hit on their son.

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