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The versatility of blazers is amazing as it can be worn from casual occasions to formal ones.   Women think that blazers are only for men, but the truth is, women can also take advantage of the look and be very sexy and chic at the same time.

Women think that blazers are only for men,Guest Posting but the truth is, women can also take advantage of the look and be very sexy and chic at the same time. The versatility of blazers is amazing as it can be worn from casual occasions to formal ones. Not to mention that blazers are very easy to put on.Equipment apparel not only has great blouses but they also have great blazers to match. When the boyfriend shirts became very popular to the fashion elite back in the old days, equipment apparels great tops didn’t stop there. Boyfriend blazers also became a hit, perhaps more than boyfriend jeans or boyfriend shirts because of the blazers innate versatility, sophistication, and its convenience.The boyfriend blazer was placed amongst the spring/summer 2010 hottest trends. After that, it became an essential piece that women should have in their wardrobe. Because the blazer is easy to wear and to match with items, it offers a classy, look that’s very stylish, and most importantly – it can be worn no matter the occasion. If you plans of wearing boyfriend blazers from Equipment apparel then we have the fashion tips to back you up.It is only wise to invest in a boyfriend blazer because you won’t have a problem with matching it with practically anything, from a casual outfit to a more sophisticated and elegant evening party one. We’ve seen these blazers on the catwalk from the collections of Araks, Charlotte Ronson, Equipment and others in the year 2010.Choosing the Boyfriend BlazerBlazers also come in different styles, cut, color, and patterns. Before purchasing one, make sure that it fits you well even if it fits loosely, but don’t buy it too large as well. Buying a blazer that is too tight will defeat the purpose of boyfriend blazer, people might mistake it’s a dwarf blazer and it will make you look and feel uncomfortable. The color should also considered, black is one of the most common and the best color that you should go for but don’t afraid to try on other colors like nude, brown, navy, white, and be imaginative by trying different colors. Get a blazer that fits your body shape well.How to Wear the BlazerThere are two basic rules of wearing the boyfriend blazer that women should know. Make the blazer oversized but don’t exaggerate it too much and you may end up looking boxy. Go for a blazer one size bigger so that the shoulders come no more than an inch and a half away. The second rule would have to do with chic details like rolling up the sleeves. This is an essential element of this style. Exposing the wrists of women gives the feminine impression that’s why rolling it up is a detail any women shouldn’t miss. Try blazers with prints, crumpled look, or blazes without prints but has a solid color.Match Your Boyfriend Blazer with these:•Jeans that are distressed with acid wash styles in a skinny fit. Boyfriend jeans too can work, but only if paired with shoes having high heels.•Trendy leggings and knit sweaters also look great, try on a tunic dress under the blazer for hip look.•For a part outfit, try on a mini-dress underneath your boyfriend blazer.•Tops like a basic tee or a frilly top also work well with boyfriend blazers.•Denim shorts or smart shorts give off a fresh look. Slacks too can work, if the slacks turn out to be too masculine for your taste then try softening the look with jewelry. Semi formal dress or blouse should also do the trick.•Shoes vary with this look but look for pumps since they are the safe choice, platform and gladiator sandals also do well. If you want to be a bit experimental with shoes, ask another friend’s opinion. Being risky with this look should be consulted.•Accessorizing should be done with extensive jewelries to make your look feminine. Such accessories can be chain bracelets, over-sized rings, long pearls, beaded or pendant necklaces or scarves. Accessories are a way to add your own style and personality so don’t be limited with what we have advised, having your own touch with look with accessories is a great way of expressing yourself and your style.Equipment apparel blouses look great with boyfriend blazers so if you want to get the whole package in just one sitting or just one shopping. Shopping at equipment will give you the optimum look of what the boyfriend blazer and boyfriend blouse could ever since they have the cut and style to complement one another. You also won’t have a hard time looking for a blouse or top to match your blazer. Go ahead and invest on the blazer and get a matching blouse too.

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