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.Some say that women need only exist, to spark a man’s interest but with times changing, men are becoming more and more selective about the partners they choose

Some say that women need only exist,Guest Posting to spark a man’s interest but with times changing, men are becoming more and more selective about the partners they choose (although we are special on our way we need to accept this fact that men are getting choosy every minute that passes by).  This is why, if you want to get a laid, you need to really work on your pick up lines to get that special man’s attention and retain it.  Some tips worth considering are:

1.  Soothe his ego with comments pertaining to his body and general looks.  That will put him at ease and make your time together much more enjoyable. Men like to be praise and appreciated. If they feel this in you then they will stick with you.

2.  Comment on those of his accomplishments that are visible to you at the moment of your encounter. More praises means more points to men.

3.  Spice up your approach with some sense of humor.  Crackup some jokes. Or tell enjoyable stories that you just experienced. Men love relaxed and easy going women, especially if they are meeting for the first time. They love them because they feel that the women have a manly part on her (that is not to take everything seriously).

4.  Comment on your interest on one or more of the topics which evidently interest the man of your choice. Talking back or speaking out on a certain topic that interest a man definitely take the night into the next level.

5.  Turn the tables on him and invite him for a drink instead of waiting for him to take the initiative.  He’ll find your move refreshing. This is not conservative. But who cares? Believe it or not, men dig chicks that initiate first. So if you want to get laid tonight, give some hints fast. If he likes you then he will definitely take you for tonight. But if does not, he will turn you down faster than a bullet so no harm done.

Remember girls, the contents of your pick up line are extremely important, because they say a lot about you and the way you think.  May that first impression you emit be fruitful in many hours of pleasurable experiences with your new man!

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