Good Adult Dating Behavior: The Right and Wrong Things to Do

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.Almost all girls know the golden rules of being in an adult dating relationship, like telling your man how awesome he is in bed

Almost all girls know the golden rules of being in an adult dating  relationship,Guest Posting like telling your man how awesome he is in bed, and not  how wonderful your ex was. However, there are other guidelines to follow  that aren’t that obvious. Check out our ultimate adult dating cheat sheet.

  •  Hanging Out with The Guys
What to do: Watch the game with his buddies.Spending the day with his boys on the couch, watching their favorite  sports says you are cool and easygoing. He’ll definitely appreciate your  effort in getting to know his pals.Do not: Cheer really loudly, chug down bottles of beer, tell colorless jokes.Let’s put it this way: It’s really tough to be sexually attracted to someone who reminds him of his buddies.
  •  Giving Him Gifts
What to do: Get him tickets.Give him two tickets to go and see his favorite sports team or band and  you’ll definitely score major points for being thoughtful and creative.Do not: Get him a sweater.He already receives a lot of clothes from his mom. You wouldn’t want to be associated with her, do you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
  •  Leaving Stuff at His Place
What to do: “Forget” your earrings.Intentionally leave behind a piece of jewelry, such as a pair of your  earrings, and he’ll think of you the same way every time he sees them.Do not: Leave a toothbrush in his bathroom sink.Any unsolicited toothbrush or piece of toiletry will give him the  impression you’re too eager to move in fast which may freak him out.
  •  Sending Him Text Messages
What to do: Send, “Last night was amazing. Want to do a repeat tonight?”Keep your texts short and appealing to make sure he’s completely intrigued.Do not: Send a message that is more than a couple of sentences long.For guys, texting is a way of quick communication, so sending him a novel is just like a droning phone conversation.
  •  Publicly Displaying Your Affection
What to do: Give a peck on the cheek.He’ll feel smug in front of his buddies if you give him a subtle sexy  gesture, like giving him a kiss on the check or holding on to his arm  while taking a stroll.Do not: Be all over him.Guys want to look tough in public, so he”ll feel uncomfortable if you sit on his lap or make out with him.

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