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Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most romantic and/or racy ones. Just because times are hard these days do not mean that you should forego ‘eating out’. What to do? Try going out with your lover on a sexy, romantic picnic!

Before we dive on the tips below,Guest Posting consider if it’s best to surprise your woman or to plan it with her. Heck, why not try a both? Surprise her one time, and go another time with you two planning it together! Either way, consider the picnic tips below!Tip #1 – It’s going to be warm… so dress less.If the purpose is to titillate each other so that the other one can’t think of anything but sex, then dress for less! At least, you have the excuse of the weather being warm for not wearing a lot of clothes on. For instance, for guys, ditch the shirt. We ladies just love bare-chested hunks with nothing more than short shorts and sunglasses one. For women, put on your skimpiest tops. And ditch the bra of course!Tip #2 – pack up on aphrodisiacs. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from foods that are known to bring on the horny juice. Pack a bottle of wine or champagne. You don’t need a special occasion to indulge in them. The picnic IS the special occasion. As for the food, anything phallus-shaped rocks! So be sure you have some whole carrots, whole bananas or whole celery sticks. Cherries conjure sinful ideas too (such as a woman’s clitoris) so be sure you bring nice, shiny plump ones too. If you’re out to splurge, then oysters and salmon are great picks too.Tip #3 – bring a naughty board game.After teasing each other while gorging on the sexy food and drinks, bring out the sex-themed board game. Just keep in mind that you’re in a public place so nothing too racy please. (Before you know it, parents will be chasing after their kids who happen to go near you!) For instance, dirty cards (for say, strip poker) are out of the question but romantic dice cubes are ok.Also, claim certain ‘penalties’ later and not while you guys are still in the park or picnic grounds. For instance, playing naughty twister? Some penalties such as sucking on a nipple are best done at home.Tip #4 – bring a racy novel to read.A great thing to do during a picnic is to just laze about and read a book. But since this is a sex-themed picnic we’re talking about here, bring in adult literature instead. Just be careful that you cover the front of known adult magazines such as Playboy or Penthouse. For women, it’s probably easier because there are a lot of ‘romance novels’ in the market that contain plenty of racy love scenes! Whatever erotic literature you bring, the idea is to look at your partner as the object of your naughty, racy thoughts.Tip #5 – play your own naughty game. If you don’t want to bring a naughty board game and reading adult publications don’t exactly turn you on, then why not play your own personal, naughty game? For instance, sit on opposite sides of your picnic blanket, with each one of you having pen and paper. Don’t talk to each other, just maintain eye contact. And then start passing really racy notes, detailing exactly what you want to do to your lover if you can right now. For example, say something like “I’m going to rip off that skimpy top of yours, bring your arms to your back around that tree your resting on, and eat your…” You get the picture.A naughty summer picnic is something that’s easy to do and yet is great for bonding, romantic or otherwise. Go try it and see how much fun you’ll have!==>> <<==Enjoy!

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