How Do I Get A BF Do's and Don'ts

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You know you are pretty,Guest Posting intelligent and has a great personality. There’s only 1 catch, you’re still single and you don’t want to be. You are not alone in this; many great women I know are still asking why they are single. So what’s been keeping you single? Read this how do I get a bf do’s and don’t’s and know exactly why you don’t have a guy and what it will take to get one. Read on. Do’s: Get the ball rolling by asking all your friends if they know any single guys. Being so forward may seem awkward, but if you have the mantra "nothing to lose." (yeah, it’s a little corny) it will just be easy for you. Plus being fearless always gets the guy. Do’s: Perfect your come-hither look. Tilt your head slightly down and to the side, then look up from under your lashes and smile. This pose shows guys it's okay to approach — trust us, it works. Do’s: Take a kickboxing or weight-lifting class at the gym. Arrive a little early so you can score a spot next to a buff guy and ask for some personal training. Do’s: Join a group with a large guy-to-girl ratio, like a runners' club or ping-pong team. Not the sporty type? Volunteer with a non-profit like Big Brothers or Big Sisters Do’s: "Accidentally" bump into a sexy man when you're at the grocery store. It's an instant convo starter (hey, you gotta say "sorry"), and the physical contact from your little collision makes the exchange more intimate. Do’s: Do checkout your daily environment again and take a look if there are some guys that are hitting on you. Sometimes, you are just too busy at work or school that you haven’t notice a guy hitting on you. Or sometimes, the right guy is just around you but you haven’t given him the chance to connect. Do’s: Be confident! I know it’s hard to be confident especially if you yourself is asking the question how do I get a bf and why don’t I have a bf. But cheer up and chin up. Confidence is the best way to win a guy. Don’ts: Don’t stalk your ex on Facebook. It needs to stop now! Instead, use it to search for guys you crushed on in high school. Send them a message and start a conversation Don’ts: Don’t come in a bar with a pack of girl friends. Men tend to be intimidated if you are with a large group. So instead go with just two friends or pull away from your friends if you see a cute guy checking up on you. Don’ts: Don’t be needy. You met a guy last weekend, he texted a few times, and now you just won’t leave the guy alone. You went from 0 to 60 in a few days. Chill out and give the guy a space. Don’ts: Don’t be a princess. Listen girl, in this modern times, men like prince charming (who worship your every ground, who do whatever you want, follow you everywhere or call you everytime) are extinct. Plus you really would not want guys who just do what you say, they should have their balls. Don’ts: Seriously, stop being a bitch. I’ve heard guys speak in awe of mean girls, but Chuck Bass is the only guy I’ve ever seen who really wanted to love one, and he’s fictitious. Sometimes, guys want to get with mean girls because they’re powerful, but that relationship isn’t about love. Don’ts: And last but not the least, don’t be picky. If you are perfect on your own ways and still do ask the question how do I get a bf, then this might be your problem. You want a guy who is well-educated, financially successful, handsome, funny, witty, generous, blah blah blah. You want a 10 – a perfect one. Get realistic. Keep an open mind when you’re sizing up men. Allow yourself to find the good ones, not the perfect ones.

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