How to Tell When She’s Faking It

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Ah, the wonders of female anatomy! When it comes to ‘climaxes’, yes, it can be tough for you guys to be sure if your partner has actually experienced an orgasm. With you, there is proof, visible and obvious. With women it’s a bit less exact.

So perhaps you’ve wondered if your girl has faked it. Oh,Guest Posting you think she ALWAYS reaches a climax? Think again my friend because studies show that at least 60% to 70% of women admit to having faked it AT LEAST once.So how can you tell if she’s faking it? Let’s look at five signs that she’s actually had an orgasm and four signs that might tell you she’s all about the act.4 Fool-Proof Ways to Tell She’s Reached the Summit!* She took her time. If you’re pass the early stages of your relationship then trust me, it would be extremely hard to make her reach her climax soon. So if you guys took your time with foreplay and she reaches a stage where she’s ‘in the zone’ then chances, her climax is real.* Her nipples are REALLY hard. In men and women, the nipples will be hard when the body is aroused. If your woman is moaning in pleasure and indicating an orgasm is near, her nipples should be (almost) rock-hard. Now, there are some women for whom this won’t be true, but it is true for about 90% of women.* She is ‘clutching’ you down there. During her orgasm, you should feel a twitching in her vagina, or you’ll feel it clenching. If you are stimulating her with your fingers pay attention to the vagina when she has an orgasm. If it’s a true orgasm, there will be activity there. You will notice if it you pay attention.* She is spent! As you know, an orgasm can knock the wind out of you! So she will need some time to recover after an orgasm. If she hops out of bed, puts on her clothes and returns to previous activities, there’s a chance she faked it. Most women are like most men – they need at least a few minutes to come down from their climactic high and rest a bit. THEN they can return to normal activities.And 4 Fool-Proof Ways to Tell She’s Faking It!* She is coherent with her speech. If she’s allegedly having an orgasm and she’s talking to you in a coherent tone and without much inflection, she’s not having an orgasm. Sure, she might do the old, “Oh my god, my god, oh… (fill in your name here)” but she shouldn’t be able to talk in one tone or come out with a perfect grammatically-correct sentence. You see, oftentimes, the body and the mouth know not what they do during an orgasm, so she shouldn’t sound that ‘pulled together’ during an orgasm.* Her skin is ‘normal’. Your woman should look flushed after an orgasm. Her skin should be a bit warm (or hot even) and sweaty. As a woman orgasms, blood flows through her skin. And no matter what her skin tone or coloring is, she will be flushed.* She’s too noisy or talks too dirty. In the end, YOU should notice certain patterns in her lovemaking and how she reaches an orgasm. If your woman is the quiet type and all of a sudden she’s talking like a porn actress in a movie then she might be over compensating for something. You see most women do have their ‘orgasm trademarks’ so if all of a sudden goes completely out of character, chances are, she’s faking it.* Her body is not ‘orgasmically synchronized’! An orgasm is an all-body experience. So if she’s shouting your name but not clenching her hands or curling her toes or shutting her eyes (or look like her eyes are bulging out of their sockets), the she’s faking it.I hope these tips help you and if you do find out that she’s faking it… now what?Well, don’t worry. Take it like a challenge and aim to be the best lover ever to walk the planet! In short, up your lovemaking game plan. Pretty soon, she’ll be the one wondering why she ever thought it necessary to fake an orgasm.==>>  <<==Thanks

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