Main factors for the formation of the shemale¡¯s transexualism

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The mental degeneration in medicine is known as transe xualism. Although this word is very strange and informal and this phenomenon has been regarded as a mental illness for medical research,Guest Posting this kind of psychological degeneration is a normal psychological needs. However, this kind of phenomenon is very normal in our daily life. The she male is a very good example for this. We think you would be more interested in the she male. However, you could not take a flight to watch the she male show in Thailand. Today, we suggest the famous she male cams online site which URL is . If you want to know more about the she male, you should first understand psychological causes and physiological factors which could cause the formation she male. At present, the reasons for the formation of mental degeneration could be divided into the following factors. The first factor is related to the genetic factors. You should hear about the development of the Thailand she male. Most of them are all have the mental degeneration during their childhood. It would be generally believed that genetic factors may be associated with the formation of trans gender psychology but there is no sufficient information which could help us to prove it. There have been two cases of twins in which the older brother is healthy and normal but the little brother has degeneration propensity serious. However, their parents are all in good health. If you could have ever watched the she male live, you would have the feeling that they are the real women. This is all because their transe xualism. The second important factor is about the endo crine. Some scholars have reported that the testosterone level in she male¡¯s blood is low but it is high in the blood of female trans gender. However, some other people think that the testosterone in the blood of men and trans gender did not have significantly change. However, we could find that all of the she males in the shemal chat are all use the Hor mone Therapy to keep their body shape.The other factor is for the size and shape of the external genitalia. As the external genitalia have closely relationship with se xual identity, it was estimated that the size and shape and size of the external genitalia would have directly connection with the formation of mental degeneration. But in some of the current data, the research had not yet found the size and shape abnormality of male transse xual organ. But this factor could not be removed from the formation of the she male.From the description above, you would have a total understanding about the formation of the transe xualism of she male. If you want to directly take a look at the she male from the she male cams, the website she would be a best choice for you.

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