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Valentine’s day celebration is known as romance day, couples celebrate this day with full feeling. Know all about this romantic day and get ideas about valentine’s day gifts and find free romantic greeting cards.

Once,Guest Posting when it was not allowed for the youth to marry and instead they should join the national army, it was Saint Valentine, who helped the youth who were in love to get marry secretly. Though he was a priest, he knew the feelings of the youth. He could experience their heart beats and pulse. That is why he took a risk to help them marrying. It is in his memory the valentine’s day celebration has started. This is considered as the day of lovers. It is considered as the day to express our love and share the hearts. Though the valentine’s day celebration has started years back, it has got the prominence in recent years only. Many companies have commercialized this celebration with introducing various types of valentine’s day cards and greetings. Earlier it was only for Christmas and New Year celebrations, people used greeting cards. But with the introduction of various day like mothers day etc. almost whole year the market is hot in the greeting card industry. According to them the valentine’s Day cards and greetings hold second position after Christmas-New Year season greetings in sale.
As the years passed the mode of celebrating Valentine’s Day too has changed a lot. Once it was a personal affair and it was limited to the exchange of greeting cards. Then valentine’s day gifts and presents were introduced to make it a costly affair. Later it has changed to a group affair by arranging valentine’s day party activities. Many hotels and tourist operators are arranging such parties in remote locations where a huge number of couples are attracted every year. By the introduction of such parties, the commercialization of Valentine’s Day celebration has completed.A red rose is always considered as the symbol of love. The red color represents our heart and the fragrance of the rose is our feelings. It was considered as gifting our heart to someone when we offer a red rose to him or her. And the usual practice on Valentine’s Day was to exchange red roses. This helped to make their bond strong. That is why, this day is also known as rose day. 
When people used to practice the exchange of roses, there was sincerity in their expressions. There was honesty in their affection. As much finance is not involved, it was a matter of heart. But after the commercialization of the Valentine’s Day, it lost its innocence. It lost its true spirit. By the introduction of attractive Valentine’s Day cards and greetings, it has become a show biz rather than a celebration of hearts. With group activities like Valentine’s Day party activities, it lost its real spirit. In groups we cannot share our feelings and emotions. It needs a calm atmosphere and should have privacy. So, it has become a show put up and not carrying out the intention of the celebrations. It is not helping the lovers to express their real love and not helping them to strengthen their bond. And it has not been celebrated as the way Saint Valentine would have wished.

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valentine’s day, the day of celebrating love and express your feelings to your love. Make this day with arranging valentine's day 2012 with your love as well as your beloved. You must look for valentine’s day cards and gifts to present someone special.

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