The Dos and Don'ts on a First Date Hookup

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We surveyed a community of daters and asked them questions about dating,Guest Posting sex and relationship advice to find out what first date hookup behavior kills any chance of going out on a second date. Here are a few first date hookup mistakes and how to fix them:

• DON’T be arrogant. Women hate it when men brag about how hot all the girls they date on a regular basis, or how rich he is. It’s a total turn off! That kind of arrogance is completely transparent, so shut it before you attempt to convince your date how much of a stud you are.

• DO talk yourself up. Credit should be given to where it is due. Graciously accept compliments and humbly talk about your achievements. However, make sure you give your date the same attention and chance to talk about herself.

• DON’T forget your manners. Women hate guys with no table manners. One member once went out on a date hookup with a guy that ate off her plate, and even drank her drink. Everyone has their own comfort level on sharing food during a first date, so err on the side of caution—at least ask before you take a spoonful off her plate or a sip from her drink.

• DO relax. Yes, manners are very important. But if you unintentionally spill your drink or find yourself with something stuck between your teeth, do not overreact and make a big deal out of it. Always remember that dating should be fun, and there’s nothing more of a buzz killer than having to always reassure your date that it’s not a big deal, and don’t be embarrassed all throughout the date.

• DON’T be too aggressive. If you can’t gauge how she’s into you, don’t throw caution to the wind and go all out. In giving a goodbye kiss, keep your slithering tongue and your wandering hand in check until you can assess your date’s reaction.

• DO show you are interested if you really are. You wouldn’t want to come on too strong, but you do want to let your date know you are into him, so don’t keep him guessing. If you would like to go out on a second date, just say so.

• DON’T talk about your ex. This is one of the cardinal rules when going out on a first date. It simply show’s you’re not over your ex. Telling nasty things about an ex can be a killer. If he can say that about his ex, he can say the same about his potential partner.

• DO keep it real. Always be yourself; plain and simple. You’d be surprised with the results.

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