Top Three Reason To Use Free Online Dating Services

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Are you tired of the stigma attached to free online dating services and the people who use them? Here are three good reasons why that stigma should melt away.

For a long time,Guest Posting a stigma has been attached to the search for relationships over the Internet. People say they aren’t real relationships because the people don’t meet in person, at least not right away. They point to deception, dangers, and other problems as good reasons not to use these free online dating services. However, there are plenty of excellent reasons why finding someone online is going to be a better choice.

Reason #1: Safer Environment

One woman who was meeting people through free online dating services was told by her mother that doing so was too risky. She could, after all, encounter a dangerous predator. In response, the woman simply asked, “So you’d rather me meet guys at a dark bar where everyone is intoxicated and not thinking clearly? Or maybe you’d prefer that I date a co-worker so I can lose my job the moment things go wrong?” Her mother was, of course, speechless.

For most people, these are the two options they used to find potential mates. Maybe they go the gym or other places they enjoy but in those cases, finding a romantic partner is rarely the primary intention. Nothing is safe about picking up people at a bar whether you are a man or a woman. Plus, office romances rarely succeed and almost always end up with someone cleaning out their desks. Those problems aren’t going to happen with free online dating services.

Reason #2: Sex Can Wait

We’ve all been there. You meet someone new and go on a date then the issue of sex comes up. Too often couples end up falling back on the sexual aspect of their relationships instead of working on building the more important components, such as friendship and respect. If you meet someone through these free online dating services, sex is rarely going to be an immediate option. Even if you live in the same city, you’ll want to spend time getting to know each other well before ever meeting in person.

The good thing about putting sex on the back burner is that you do have a better chance of really getting to know one another. And because the person picked you because of your profile and not just your good looks, there’s a better chance that you can make a connection that isn’t based solely on lust.

Reason #3: More Prepared for Liars

With all of the warnings about deception on free online dating services, men and women are definitely going to have their guard up when meeting people through these avenues. However, you might not be able to say the same thing about people who meet through other means. Think back to the last encounter with the opposite sex you’ve had at a bar. Were both of you complete honest in all of the things you said about yourselves? While deception seems to be a part of searching for relationships, at least online people are prepared for it.

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