Numina Group's Order Fulfillment Automation Triples Throughput for Schumacher Electric

Aug 2


Chris Harmen

Chris Harmen

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The company achieved a 12-month ROI by implementing voice-directed picking with a conveyor and order sorting system to streamline the distribution centers pick, pack, and ship processes.


WOODRIDGE,Numina Group's Order Fulfillment Automation Triples Throughput for Schumacher Electric Articles IL -- Numina Group designed and implemented two automated distribution centers for Schumacher Electric, eliminating manual order fulfillment practices that caused operational bottlenecks and prevented growth.


Schumacher Electric is the world’s foremost manufacturer of battery chargers. They ship high case volume shipments to large retailers such as Walmart, Napa, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and multinational equipment manufacturers. They experienced a significant increase in internet orders, which led to a large increase in small parcel shipment volume. Their daily order shipment capabilities became restricted because of bottlenecks caused by manual order fulfillment, which created a need for distribution automation.


"In 2014 Schumacher selected Numina Group to conduct an engineering design study to outline better practices, and document ROI generated by automating current manual order fulfillment systems. We reviewed existing practices and made recommendations for improvements. The case for automation was a no-brainer because the study showed a 12 month ROI'" said Jen Maloney, Marketing Coordinator for Numina Group (


The distribution centers added automated conveyor systems and reorganized product slotting to locate high-moving SKUs along the conveyor. This enabled picking of high velocity cases to the conveyor system, reduced travel time, and increased productivity.


Next, Numina Group's Real-Time Distribution System (RDS) Warehouse Execution and Control System, (WES-WCS) was installed. RDS voice directed order fulfillment automation software includes voice-directed picking, in-motion case barcode scanning, print and apply labeling, sort to pallet build, and conveyor, and sortation controls. RDS Voice manages batch case pick-to-conveyor, assigns and validates each case in the customer’s order using scan-weigh technology, and ensures the correct retailer’s UCC compliance and shipping labels are automatically print and applied to remove fine-backs and cut labor costs, and manages pallet-build shipment rules.

"Schumacher's manual order fulfillment practices were labor intensive and error prone. Automating the DC resulted in 99.99% order fulfillment picking and shipment accuracy, which saved Schumacher tens of thousands of dollars a year in retailer charge backs and fines. Most significantly, the company increased order throughput by 70%, and more than tripled their daily order shipment value from $1.5 million to over $5 million. The customer has reduced average daily picking labor from 16 employees to 4-5 employees, even after several years of strong growth in daily order volume is compounded" concluded Maloney.


Numina Group is the leader in design and implementation of automated order fulfillment systems using pick to light, voice picking, and print and apply labeling to maximize picking speed and accuracy throughout automated pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment. To learn more about Numina Group visit

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