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Do you have constipation? Are you stuck about what to do? Here are some great remedies that you can use right away. Use a combination of them to get quick results. Check these remedies out. You will be surprised on how good they work. Save and read this article now.


Do you find yourself with constipation? Do you know what to do for it? In this article,Guest Posting a nutritionist has given great constipation remedies. You can try one or combine a few, and you will see results. Get some of the best idea on stopping your constipation. You will be surprised on how good they work. Save and read this article now.

Constipation has always been an issue that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their lives. It can go just as quickly as it shows up. But, when it does not go, then the best way you deal with it is through remedies for constipation. Natural constipation remedies provide your body with nutritional balance.

It is known that Egyptians used senna tea to relieve constipation. This tea is used for medium and chronic conditions of constipation. It is the chemical anthraquinones that provide its strong action on your colon walls. Senna is the second best herb to use for chronic constipation because it creates strong peristaltic action. It is readily available in health-food stores or on the Internet.

Using senna test for constipation is a wise choice, but you need only to use it for a short time, 1- 1½ week. It is not healthy to use it for a long time, since its action moves fecal matter through your colon quickly. This senna quick action prevents absorption of nutrients by your colon depriving you of necessary minerals and vitamins. Use senna as direction on the tea box or capsule bottle.

Figs are great for constipation because of their high-fiber content. Take 10 – 12 calimyma figs and stew them in two glasses of distilled water (16 oz.) for 10 minutes. Let them sit in this water overnight. In the morning remove the figs, warm and drink the juice. Eat the figs though out the day.

Mulberry and boysenberry juice has many health benefits. It is good for digestive tract illnesses. It can stimulate digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the small intestine. It is useful for older people for reliving constipation. Mulberry contains many minerals and vitamins. Boysenberry juice has a gentle natural laxative action on your bowel. When your constipation is mild, this juice will help move things in your colon.

Eat persimmons for constipation. Persimmons are as good as apples and maybe even better for your heart. They are high in fiber, minerals - sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese - and phenolic compounds, which are anti-oxidants. The persimmon skin is also high in fiber, but I find the skin hard to eat. You may like it.

For regularity, drink more water during the day - you do not have to start drinking 8-10 glasses a day. But, you should add a couple of more glasses than you normally drink and you can add drinking more fruit juices - apple, cherry, peach, grape, or grapefruit juice.

When you have constipation, then you want to eat more vegetables and fruits than normal. After you clear your constipation, then, back off from eating excess vegetables, and just eat what you need to prevent constipation.

Make sure you use natural fiber as is found in fruits for constipation. This is balanced fiber, and your body knows what to do with it. If you use drug store fiber products that are synthetic, your body will not know how to use them and treats them as toxic matter. The nice thing about fruits is that they contain around 70% or more of water. This water is distilled water and this means that it is the cleanest water you can drink and also that you don't need to drink as much supplemental water.

Potassium and prunes are a natural constipation remedy that you can quickly use to help you get constipation relief. Potassium is needed in your colon walls to ensure that peristaltic action occurs. Without potassium, colon walls are weak and unable to respond and contract properly when fecal matter needs to be move. Pouring hot water over dried prunes and waiting 10 minutes. Then eat the prunes and drink the juice Do this on an empty stomach in the morning. You can add these prunes and juice into your morning oats.


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