Entrance Exams – Gateway to Enter into Prestigious Institutes

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The article describes the importance of entrance exams including the brief history of entrance exams in India. The article also focuses on medical entrance exams, engineering entrance exams, law entrance exams and MCA entrance exams.

Entrance exam has become the best method for selecting students for a course of study whether it is professional or academic (traditional). The first entrance exam was held in India after the establishment of Calcutta University in 1857. The entrance exam was taken to select the eligible students for admission into the university. The entrance exam was named as school leaving examination and this name changed into matriculation. After getting independence,Guest Posting India revised its examination and named the exam after 10th as Secondary School Leaving Certificate and after 12th Higher Secondary Examination. 
Entrance exam is the gateway to enter into prestigious colleges and universities for professional as well as academic studies. Entrance exams are like competitive exams which look at all students alike and offer opportunities to the weak students (having less marks) to appear at the entrance exam of a particular subject or area and get admitted after doing well. There is nothing like pass or fail in entrance exams but there must be good score to get admitted. Now, all types of educational institutes have started to take entrance exams for the selection of bright students.  
Medical entrance exams are held for choosing the meritorious students for undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical courses. Medical entrance exams in India are held at both national and state levels. National level medical entrance exams are conducted by CBSE named as All India Pre Medical Test. The other famous medical entrance exams at national level are AIIMS, AFMC, etc. Some of Indian universities also take medical entrance exams for their post graduate medical courses. Each state has its own medical entrance exams to select students for state level medical institutes. There are some differences in the eligibility criteria of medical entrance exams in India but most of medical entrance exams require 60% marks in the 12th exam (physics, chemistry and biology) for undergraduate medical courses.    
Engineering entrance exams allow students to be eligible for getting admission into engineering colleges across the country. Like other entrance exams, engineering entrance exams are also held at both national and state levels. National level engineering entrance exams like AIEEE, IIT-JEE offer opportunity to get admitted into the prestigious engineering institute across India while state level engineering entrance exams offer opportunity to get admitted into the state level engineering institutes. IIT-JEE is regarded as the toughest engineering entrance exam in India. Almost all engineering entrance exams allow those students to appear who have passed their 12th exam with math, physics and chemistry. Some of engineering entrance exams allows only those students to appear at the test who have scored more than 60% marks.      
Law entrance exams are very different from other entrance exams and mean to select meritorious students for legal studies. law entrance exams are conducted separately by a large number of Indian universities and law institutes. Recently, CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) has been launched to select bright students for legal studies at national law universities established in different cities of India. Most of law entrance exams require a bachelor degree in any subject for admission into LLB and LLB for LLM course. Now you can earn your law degree through getting admitted into integrated five years BA LLB course after 10+2 exam.    
MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications and MCA entrance exams are held for selecting bright students for MCA at prestigious institutes and universities in India. MCA entrance exams are taken by a large number of institutes and universities but JNU holds a national level exam to select students for MCA programs for six different universities. Most of MCA entrance exams require a bachelor degree with math as a subject at the 12th level exam.  

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