Mobile LMS: Learning on the move

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Is it right to say that desktop learning management system (LMS) are becoming a thing of the past as the classroom?

With the growing use of tablets and smartphones have increasingly become widespread,Guest Posting LMS providers are now focusing on offering a mobile variant to consumers and allowing users to access instruction anytime, anywhere.

More enterprises are choosing the mobile LMS to train their employees and teams. This handy tool helps the employees to complete the courses important for certification purpose along with allowing managers to track the employee’s progression. The growing use of smartphone and tablets has ensured that learning isn’t restricted to a classroom or a desktop computer.

The international mobile learning industry is growing at a rapid scale. The global mobile learning market, educational institutions and corporations globally are expected to become $37.6 billion in revenues by 2020.

Are all enterprises using mobile LMS to its full potential

mLearning or mobile LMS provide innumerable advantages to businesses.

Choosing to go the mobile way is the right thing to do as what works on a desktop may fail to translate to a tablet/smartphone. Moreover, the businesses should develop their mobile LMS strategy encompassing - what they aim to accomplish, is their workforce capable of leveraging the full potential of an online learning platform and selecting a platform based on design responsiveness.

It has been noticed that most LMS vendors provide a mobile capacity but not everyone is capable of leveraging it fully. In regard to mobile LMS, most service providers only offer a handful of content through a mobile browser. In the near future, it is likely that more companies will be choosing mobile LMS with the technological advancement.

Quick learning for employees

Since the use of tablets and smartphone have surpassed the usage of conventional desktop computers, with the passage of time the demand for mobile LMS will only bolster further. Nowadays, most people live on their mobile devices. Consumers won’t embrace an online learning platform unless you offer them ease of learning.

In 2016, mobile capacity stands high on the wish list of the consumers who choose LMS. Mobile LMS strategy emphasises on the ‘just in time’ learning phenomena as more consumers want to ‘learn on the move’. When mobile support is offered for a learning system, it is guaranteed that consumers will spend more time on the LMS and make additional efforts to learn the content.

Improved performance

Did you know that a mobile-focussed online learning platform can be used for different purposes apart from training? This tool offers on-site performance support and helps employees to undertake tasks in a far-flung location where they have no access to a laptop/desktop computer.


When you are using an LMS that emphasise on mobile eLearning, only then the material offered by you can be accessed by the learners as per their convenience and on any device. An online learning platform that is not meant for phone or tablet, limits its adoption rate and later its effectiveness. Making use of a flexible, versatility-driven LMS helps the user to widen the learning opportunities by manifold.


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