The Many Advantages Of Interactive Smart Whiteboards

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Do you know what an interactive whiteboard is? Interactive whiteboards are actually used in many schools as replacements for the traditional blackboards or flipcharts.

Many people may not know this,Guest Posting but these whiteboards are phenomenal tools that are used in enhancing the learning process. One of the most popular whiteboards is Smart Board which is a series of interactive whiteboards developed by Smart Technologies. Today, there are a number of other brands that are also widely used in the market. The realization of the importance of whiteboards has encouraged the emergence of these boards in the market nowadays.

Using interactive whiteboards offer many advantages. First and foremost, these boards provide ways to show students practically everything that can be presented on a computer desktop. These include educational software and web sites to name a few. Second, interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record instructions and post the material for students to review anytime of the day. This is indeed an effective instructional strategy for students who need to see the material presented again. Moreover, this is also very effective for students who are absent from school. More than anything else, this is a great strategy for reviewing students for examinations. Third, these boards allow students to create e-folios which would include samples of their work and narration. Again, this would allow both students and teachers to review these samples anytime.

Finally, both students and teachers can use the built in maps in learning about continents, countries, states, or capitals. There are still a number of other advantages that interactive whiteboards offer, but one thing is for certain and that is using interactive whiteboards can definitely help transform learning and instruction.

Today, these whiteboards are not only used for education but for business purposes as well. Due to its compatibility with the computer and other peripheral devices, the door to multitude possibilities is opened. In fact, interactive whiteboards are further developed to cater to the specific needs of the business world as well. Some of the newest boards already offer touch screen and data capturing features. This means that you can easily write on these boards using your fingers or a stylus. Moreover, another amazing feature that has been integrated into the interactive whiteboard is its saving and distribution capability. Information captured on the whiteboard can now be saved to a file or to an attached computer. To top it all, the information can be distributed by email, CD, or copy.

In addition, teachers can teach students new computer software applications using the interactive whiteboard. The features of the program on a personal computer can be manipulated by the teacher as the students interact with the software on the whiteboard as well. This is definitely one way of keeping pace with the advances in technology.

Indeed, interactive whiteboards is probably one of the most important advances in the field of learning and instruction. These whiteboards offer great opportunities in enhancing the learning process and making it more convenient as well.

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Interactive smart whiteboards are phenomenal tools that are used in enhancing the learning process.

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