The Student Responsibilities of Online Tutoring

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Read on to know the student requirements when enrolled in online tutoring classes.

Online tutoring can be a wonderful experience for students who need academic guidance beyond the classroom. It provides wonderful privileges,Guest Posting such as the elimination of peer pressure and classmate ridicule, the convenience of working anywhere, anytime, and the opportunity to become adept at Internet tools that will shape the rest of their lives. However, Internet tutoring also requires responsibilities that instill a sense of discipline in students.

One student responsibility of online tutoring is email. Students must stay in touch with their online tutors while enrolled in tutoring classes. If a student does not know how to work a problem or has parents who struggle to understand the problems, students must take up the responsibility of emailing their tutors to ask for help. Students must learn how to email tutors immediately when a problem arises—not wait until the day before the assignment is due to email problems that cannot be solved in a few hours alone. Emailing responsibilities ensure that the student understands that discipline cannot tolerate procrastination.

Another student responsibility of online tutoring is homework. Students must be sure to turn in their homework on time. Internet tutoring does pose a small inconvenience to everyday life. While many students go to classes on-campus and come home with free time to spare, other students must add the extra study of a tutoring class to their days. Students who already have a host of other responsibilities, such as extracurricular activities, work, family, and friends, will find an Internet tutoring experience to be another task to place on the burden of an overloaded schedule. Students must learn that with many responsibilities comes the need to organize a time schedule.

Planners are good to keep around the home or in-class notebooks. Additionally, mobile phone technology now allows planners and calendars with alarms to exist on iPhones and in other cell phones. You can set dates and alarms to remind you about turning in an assignment, taking an online quiz or test, and so on. These are good organizational sources to consider for your hectic life if you want tutoring to be a successful experience.

Lastly, incorporating tutoring material into classroom work is another student responsibility that cannot be overlooked. Students can have the best tutors in the world that invest large amounts of time into their progress each week. Still, at the end of the day, the student must do more than memorize answers to advance; he or she must learn the rationale behind the answers and use the conceptual laws to master the work he or she struggles with constantly. A tutor can be there to help the student with homework, but he or she cannot be with the student on the day of the test, whispering the answers into the student’s ear. Mastering the material is something that ultimately belongs to the student. No one can make the student master the material; only he or she can decide.

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