Some Unique Small Business Email Marketing Tips

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Learn some cool Small Business Email Marketing Tips from a pro who has been doing this for many years.

I'd like to make the highest and best use of this article,Guest Posting by hopefully answering some of the most common questions you may have out there, regarding how to send email, and email marketing tips you can use in your business right now. There are a lot of common mistakes I see small business owners make, when it comes to sending email, once they enter the online marketing arena. I would have to say that the most common email marketing mistake I see that most professionals make, is that they don't make contact with their list enough. In fact, many small business professionals don't send to their lists more than once per month! You should be sending out at least 2-3 emails to your list each week.

And no, it wouldn't hurt to send them an email every single day sometimes. Of course, you do want to take holidays and other festivities into consideration. There's actually some psychological rationale regarding why you want to hit your list at least 2-3 times each week. The reason for this, is because if you are on my email list, you are considered a valued subscriber to me. This means that my goal is to develop a personal relationship with you and other members of my list, so you and the others on my list will hopefully trust me enough to do business with me in the future.

The best way I can accomplish this, is to keep in touch with you as much as possible. My other goal, is to provide an exceptional amount of value, so you and everyone else will once again trust me, and want to do business with me. If you are currently only contacting your email list once each month, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Also, when you email your list, you need to be able to track the number of opens and click throughs, which are people who clicked on the link you sent them in one of your follow-up messages. Also, when writing follow-up sequences for your valued subscribers, don't let the concept of testing various headlines fall by the wayside.

I'm not sure about the type of business you are in, but one of the things you'll need to do is make sure that each subscriber on your list knows about the different offers you have. That's one of the great things about an automatic autoresponder, is that you can send your subscribers unlimited follow-ups promoting whatever you'd like to them. I've been using different types of email follow-up systems for 14 years, but I've settled with using Aweber Autoresponders, and have been using them without fail for all my promotions for the last 5 years, and will continue to use them.

I didn't signup for aweber because of their $1.00 thirty day trial, although it does make for a very attractive offer. To be honest though, I could care less about the $19.95 per month they charge. When it comes to my online business, I just can't put a price this low on it, especially for the service who will store and allow me to send information to my precious prospects. I decided to use them because they have all the features I need, and I've been marketing online since 1998, so I mean this when I say it. I can also vouch for their very high deliverability rates, which are comparable or even surpass all the other high profile autoresponder services out there.

When you start to engage your current prospects, you need to ensure that your emails are reaching your intended audience. This is a big deal these days, and most folks that think any service will do overlook this fact. Also, you want to strive for a 20% open rate, which means that if you send a message out to 100 people, 20 people will actually open the email you send them. In small niche industries this is acceptable, but depending on how deep of a relationship you build with your list, you could get from 25-75% open rates.

Another email marketing tip is that you should start building your list organically using the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also get leads from some of the most touted social networks like Facebook, Four Square, My Space, Twitter or LinkedIn. I'd recommend staying away from list brokers, as they are bad news if you're trying to develop a hyper-targeted, double opt-in email list. When you use a legitimate service like Aweber, all your leads will have to double opt-in, meaning they will need to click a confirmation link which will give you permission to send them more information. Plus, the response rate from leads you scrape or buy from a list broker are terrible.

No internet marketer worth their weight in salt will even touch these types of leads. Your objective should be to build a loyal fan base and following from scratch, making every single subscriber double opt-in. Depending on what industry you operate in, you can easily make a full-time living with as little as a few hundred quality subscribers. Remember, it's not the quantity, it's the quality you are after. That's why you need to pre-qualify every double opt-in subscriber that goes on your list, by offering them something free that only your best type of prospect would take advantage of. By doing this, you'll know without a doubt that you have a great prospect.

The best way to engage your list is to send them valuable offers, and mix up these offers with great free valuable information. You want to educate your prospects at the same time you are selling them. And don't forget, aweber backups are one of the most important reasons you'll want to use them. As busy as we all get these days, it's comforting to know that you have an autoresponder service out there that has your back, and will backup your lists automatically as long as you remain a subscriber and pay your small monthly dues to them. And if you refer 3 people to Aweber after you become a member, you'll pay for the service and that makes it an even sweeter deal.

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