Addicted To Strip Clubs - How You Know That You Have A Problem

Nov 30


Abigail Aaronson

Abigail Aaronson

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Going to strip clubs is fun, but can it cause real problems? This article takes a slightly humorous but also slightly serious look at strip club addiction and how to tell if you have a problem.

Have you ever wondered if you're addicted to strip clubs? The answer for most guys is probably 'Yes.' We live in a society where everything is a mental illness,Addicted To Strip Clubs - How You Know That You Have A Problem Articles and addiction to strip clubs is now a recognized psychological problem. But what's the difference between just being a healthy guy who likes looking at nude or half-nude women, and having a problem?

What Is Strip Club Addiction?

It's really hard to pinpoint what exactly constitutes addiction. If you look at sex addiction websites they say that the warning signs are:

- You're aroused by events, such as watching a woman dance;

- Even though married or in a relationship, you still go;

- You spend lots of money on dancers;

- You go so often that the staff of the club know you;

- You lose track of time when you're at strip clubs.

If these criteria define addiction, probably most of your friends fall into this category. I'm treating this humorously, but the truth is that some people truly do have a problem. You can get addicted to anything - drugs, gambling, golf, stamp collecting, etc. It becomes worrisome when it starts causing problems in other areas of your life. Here is a more realistic look at this addiction.

How Much Have You Spent?

Although it may be impossible to say exactly, try to estimate how much money you spend at strip clubs. As a general rule, if you spend so much that it causes financial hardship, you may have a problem. If every time you go, you find yourself spending more than you wanted to, this could also be an indication. It doesn't help that they have ATM machines everywhere!

How Often Do You Go?

If you hit the club every weekend, you may or may not have an addiction. Four times a month seems like a lot to most people, but for some club-goers, it's their social scene. It might just be where you hang out. However, if you don't plan to go but always end up going, this might mean you're addicted.

Can You Stop?

Ask yourself, 'Can I stop?' Probably your answer will be, 'Yes I can, but I don't want to.' That's fair enough; but try not going for a while and see if you can do it. Challenge yourself to go 1 month without a visit and see if you can do it without breaking down.

When Do You Feel Like Going?

Do you crave strip clubs? If so, when do your cravings occur? For example, if your boss is a jerk to you one day, does the image of a half-nude dancer gyrating around a pole pop into your mind? Do you find yourself cruising by the club on your way home from work? The club should be a fun way to spend a night out and not a form of therapy!

Although we're taking a slightly humorous look at this addiction, it can really become a problem. If you think you're addicted, take some steps to treat it. Then, you can go to strip clubs and enjoy the entertainment just like any other healthy adult male.