Attack Of The Mask – The Key To Successful Singing

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So you think you can already sing well with your current singing attack and approach. Once you learn how to attack your voice from the mask, you will be able to sing a lot better and your singing problems will also be eliminated.

The key to a healthy singing voice is mask resonance. This refers to the sounds produced when the vocal chords are vibrating evenly and satisfactorily.  Mask resonance is also the same resonance that moves around the head where vibrant sound is created.  When the voice is placed into the mask,Guest Posting upper resonance is achieved. Attacking the mask can actually help you have total voice control.  You need to place the voice in the mask in order to hit high notes and to add beauty to your voice. With mask placement, various tone colors are accessed and the singer is allowed to use his/her voice easily.In singing, there are three attacks known and used. Attack refers to the action done by a singer as he/she begins to sing.  Two attacks are actually inappropriate as they can damage the voice and make it sound poorly.  The diaphragmatic attack is the most common attack.  This makes you sound as if you were shouting, rather than just singing a sweet melody.  The throat clenches up due to the flexing of the abdominal muscles.  Another bad attack that singers actually do is the glottal attack or attack from the vocal chords/larynx. It is a dangerous attack because there is coughing involved that can make the vocal chords to close.  It produces a tight sound, as if something is stuck in your throat.  This attack is often painful for the singer.  Finally, there is from the mask attack.  With this attack, you should be careful not to push air into your nasal passages or you will produce a honk or nasal tone. You can feel vibrations along the nasal passages and behind your eyes. These are just resonant sensations created once the voice has struck the pallet. The vibrations create the round ring of resonance throughout a range, or the second voice harmonic overtone. A natural-sounding voice is produced when this overtone is combined with the initial vocal chords pitch.  What Happens When The Voice Is Attacked From The Mask?With this kind of attack, breaks in the voice are eliminated.  You are also able to get rid of registers; where there is only one solid voice, no chest or head voice.  You are also able to produce a resonant and round tone in all pitches.  With attack of the mask, you are able to use your voice quite easily.  Proper breathing will also just happen due to reflex.  You also achieve a wider range of voice, both from the upper and lower parts of the range.  You can calibrate the voice much easier so that you can use it in any style of singing. You could also adjust your tone at will.  Due also to reflex created when the voice is attacked from the mask, the vocal chords become stable and render quite useful in proper singing.  Finally, this attack allows the throat to relax and stops the larynx from climbing up. When you have learned and mastered this voice attack, most of your singing problems will be solved. Moreover, your voice will be greatly improved.  Attack of the mask is obviously the best way to sing has been used by the best singers from the past up to the present time.

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