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In the game of poker,Guest Posting one must know how to bluff and how to read poker tells. These skills will help the player win the hand. Listed below are some of the most common poker tells that a player might have. It is essential to study them so that one would know if the opponent is bluffing or if they really have a good hand.

Look At The Eyes

There are many different poker tournaments that allow their players to wear hats or sunglasses that could be used to cover their eyes. This is because the eyes could easily give a clue to the hand that one has. Sometimes other players could determine that their opponent usually stares at his or her own card when it is a good hand. There are also players who look around the room or look at his or her opponents whenever they have a good hand. The player should be able to watch out for this signs and observe their opponents properly for a better chance of winning.

Facial Expression

Another common poker tell is the facial expression. Sometimes, there are people who just can’t help but smile when they have a great hand. To prevent opponents to have the opportunity to poker read one’s movements. Although poker players do their best to hide their emotions, some people do not realize that they are making facial expressions depending on their hand.

Confidence Level

The confidence level of the person is another sign that players who are capable of poker reads should look out for. When one has a great hand, their actions might lead them to being over too confident and this could be seen through their posture and even the way that they talk. One might also use this confidence to make a bluff if the hand is really bad and the only chance of winning is to scare players into folding.

All About The Chips

There are times when one has a great hand that the player immediately checks his or her chips because he or she is planning to make a bet. On the other hand when the player does not really care about the chips he or she has. Although this is a possibility, there are also times when poker players use this to bluff their way into winning.


Anxiety or nervousness could be seen in the actions of the player. When an opponent bets a high amount, one could see if the other opponent becomes uncomfortable upon calling on the said amount. This means that there is a great chance that the player is just bluffing. One should be on the look-out for sudden perspiration, changes in the voice and shift on the body posture.

All that has been discussed are only some of the things that one should remember to look for in their opponent. A watchful eye should be kept so that one can recognize any changes or repetitive patterns that their opponent present. This is a case to case basis and so some tells may be applicable to some but not to others.

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