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The ‘Play Station Portable’, better known as ‘PSP’, is one of the most handy and effective portable gaming console available in the market. PSP uses a media disc or a UMD for its gaming operation. You need to purchase a UMD of a game in order to play that game.

The PSP games can also be loaded onto the memory stick which is available on the console itself. These games can be downloaded from the internet. It might be a bit difficult to find the correct link though. But it isn’t impossible!
Before you download a PSP game,Guest Posting you should be aware of the following points:

1.    PSP Firmware

Just like Windows is the operating system for your PC, the same way PSP firmware acts as an operating system for the PSP. All the software and hardware function of the PSP are controlled by the firmware. It consists of different batches where each of them are different. Some PSP firmware versions available are 1.00 and 1.50. In order to know the version of your PSP, go to the ‘system settings’, select ‘system information’ and finally click on ‘option system software’. This will tell you the correct version of the device.

2.    PSP Emulators

Several PSP software emulators are available on the internet. These help you allow play the old console games. Some examples include Game Boy, Sega genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, etc.

You might have heard some arguments about the legality of emulators. So unless you are selling or distributing such emulators, there is no reason to worry about.

Some games are “homebrew” i.e. they are created by amateurs who are involved in how the games are made. These games do not characterize quality and thus can be neglected.

3.    PSP Download Sites

There are number of sites that provide you with free game to play on the internet itself. Also sites for PSP games download are available on the web. Some are legal and some might be not. So it is advised to keep a check on the sites that may be violating copyright laws. Downloading games from such websites is not at all feasible. Although there a few websites that are legal and help you download unlimited games, provided you join them as a member by giving them a nominal membership fee. So it is highly recommended to go for the websites that are legal. These sites are not only safer for download operation but they also provide you with better support and speeds. Thus, downloading games, movies, songs for you PSP becomes much easier.

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