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The generation of today would find it hard to believe what all the generations before them have missed but the truth is that the previous generations could never think of the advent of technology that has taken place over the past.

Owning a personal home video game which used to be a distant dream for most earlier is now just a random reality. The games that exist today would leave the previous generations astonished with their mouths open and eyes popping out. But with all due respect we can never rule out the fun and thrill of the old games. The games of the past or in other words vintage arcade games to play would always remain great.

The games of the decades gone by had amazing variety and were usually fiction based. Games which had future predicting features (obviously not true but for fun sake the feature was put),Guest Posting pinball machines, shooting games, baseball, and diggers were great hits amongst the thousands that knew of arcade games. Pinball used to be the most popular game once. Just a simple act of keeping the ball bouncing throughout the metal frame hitting the bumpers and scoring, the French made this act a great success and still popular arcade game. Though the pinball machines are a rare luxury these days but the games are still available on media devices in more attractive forms.

Although pinball was always topping the charts, it always had tough competition from other favourites like baseball and shooting games. Baseball games those days were mechanical and were played with small bats and the ball was to be hit in a way to strike the target. Shooting games were played using air guns and targets were provided to shoot at on a huge board. Bowling on small arenas has always been a huge success. Points were awarded to players for knocking down the pins.

All of you reading this would be wondering how unexciting it would have been but the truth is that the arcade games of those times did provide an experience that sometimes you do not find in the modern times. The old school lighting, the effects, the classic music to enjoy with these games made it special. And as the famous saying goes “Old is Gold”, the experience of playing vintage games goes unmatched today. So there is something that gamers of the past have enjoyed which we may not.

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