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Lottery betting is a part of online betting which is accepted by lottery players all over the world. Lottery betting in simple words is placing bets on the results of the official lottery draw.  It is regulated by a separate company and not directly by the official lottery. Purchasing lottery tickets is very similar to lottery betting with very small changes in the aesthetics of the both. Agenda of both, lottery tickets and lottery betting is winning the huge jackpot at the end. But the structure to play lotto through both the mediums have different aesthetics.

Online lottery betting has paved its way through the players’ hearts for a long time now. It is a basic term with simple rules with an agenda of winning a life changing jackpot. The concept of lottery betting is a tailed idea of the lottery purchasing idea. Online gambling includes lottery play,Guest Posting casino, scratch cards, instant wins, etc. Lottery betting does include direct play with the scratch cards but not with the lottery winning numbers. Yes, you heard it right, Lottery betting does not include selecting numbers unlike the lotto paper tickets. It might be the same for choosing the numbers but is not a direct purchase of the lottery ticket from the official lottery.

A bet or a wager is placed on a specific lottery’s winning numbers which is almost like completing one round of some mobile gaming. It is the way of playing lotto with the changing technological times. Having a third party ( an official lottery website) in between for the bets to be placed on a jackpot and if the numbers match the ticket then the player wins the huge sum. This kind of online betting can continue with legal rules and authentication only. Rules keep varying from country to country and state to state. As simple the procedure seems, it is equally tough with the rules.

Lottery betting aesthetics

  • It is a system consisting of a third party in between the players and the jackpot which is NOT the lottery ticket, this time. Since time immemorial, lottery play has been one dream come true, entertaining play for the players around the globe. With passing days, it is the online website which is the third party through which the bet is placed on the jackpot.
  • Now, with lottery betting more players are getting attracted to the concept of lotto play as they do not have to walk down to the store. It is just a click away to bet on a particular jackpot and start playing. Online lottery betting has expanded the horizons of the players, lottery industry and the jackpot. A very small gap is left between the revenue generated from the sales of lottery tickets and that from the lottery betting.
  • In countries like Europe, the UK, North America tables have turned upside down favouring online lottery betting. It has slid as one of the top ranking businesses in quite a few countries. One more factor for the increasing attraction towards lotto betting is that it offers an equal amount of jackpot and ease of play. Also, offers and seasonal discounts are added on online sites which thrives the players more.
  • It profilerated among the players with a tsunami speed because the player does not have to live in the same state to bet on the jackpot. From any corner of the world, players can access the official betting websites and bet on the preferred jackpots.

How does a player receive the winning amount?

  • Lottery betting sites usually work on the Insurance business model.  This model explains the direct yet indirect method of payment to the winners. In this system, the lottery betting sites do not have to purchase tickets from the official lottery. Rather every bet placed in the company is forwarded to the insurer which the company works with.
  • In order to balance the system, for every bet placed, the betting company pays a particular amount to the insurance company. And when a huge amount is won by the player, the insurance company pays the winner.
  • Larger jackpots are mostly covered by the  insurance model and the smaller prizes are directly paid by the online website. The betting company is capable of paying the small prizes to the winners from their own pool.
  • It is very important for the insurance companies to have permission and license to continue this online lottery betting. It maintains the dignity of the insurance company as well as the betting organisation.
  • Ticket-selling model- This model is another type of convenience in the online betting system The betting company purchases the lottery tickets on behalf of the players with an added commission to the real price. When the player turns into a winner, the betting company takes the winning amount from the official lottery and transfers it directly to the player’s account.

One of the top 5 lottery betting websites for the players to invest into are-






These online sites offer transparency, trust, security and most importantly quick responses to all those players who are stuck and want to understand the play. When interaction is virtual, instant responses are significant for the players hence, these websites stand out for online lottery betting.

Pros of online lottery betting

  • Since the bets are placed on the results and not the lottery ticket numbers then the odds of winning the jackpot increases. Picking lottery tickets and numbers is a guess game which also takes place in lottery betting but this escalates the winning process faster than lottery tickets.
  • Not all countries are allowed for lottery betting. Only those who provide transparent standard security are allowed to have online betting. So the players have no harm or damage from either of the companies.
  • Lottery betting does not restrict participants from one nation only. Players from all over the globe can visit a few websites and bet on their preferred  jackpots at any hour of the day.
  • The winning amount is directly transferred to the player’s account. In the case of lottery tickets, there are times when the player has to travel to claim the prize otherwise they slip off from the prize won.

Cons of the online betting system

  • Even though the odds of winning are higher with lottery betting, players generally choose only 3 to 4 numbers in the game of 6 numbers. This deciphers that the players using lottery tickets will win millions and not the ones playing through lottery betting.
  • Since the access to betting is easy and quick, there are chances that it may lead to addictions. Purchasing lottery tickets has to have a thought process of time and money while betting is effortless hence, it turns into addiction instead of just an interesting play.

Lottery betting is a simple play of bets rather than numbers eventually resulting in huge jackpots or smaller second tier prizes.


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