Night Clubs Can Liven Up Your Evening

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A boring evening can turn into a time-of-your-life if you head out to night clubs instead of hitting the hay early. All it takes is a gassed-up vehicle and a sense of adventure.

Heading out to night clubs can be a great way to liven up an otherwise boring evening. Perhaps you and your friends are sitting around your house playing board games and shooting the breeze. By 10:00 p.m.,Guest Posting a few of the couples are yawning and thinking of heading home. But wait: one of your friends has brought his van and suggests that everyone pile into his Chevy and head out for some music and entertainment. Why not? Everyone piles in, fastens their seatbelts, and the van heads downtown.


Your buddy drops you all off on a street lined with night clubs while he parks the van. At the place you decide to go, there is a cover charge, an I.D. check to make sure you're all over the age of twenty-one, and each of your hands are stamped with the venue's fluorescent logo. You head inside and see that the place is dark, pulsating with music, and lit with neon strings of lights. There are couples dancing on a wooden dance floor and a few go-go girls grooving to the tunes on elevated platforms. You are all awestruck by the place's cool vibe and glad you didn't just hit the sack after all.

Drinks, Anyone?

An attractive cocktail waitress in a low-cut gown comes over and takes your orders for wine, beer, and mixed drinks. You all raise your glasses to an impromptu time out at one of the coolest night clubs you've ever seen. Pretty soon, you pair off and hit the dance floor with the crowd. A disc jockey is spinning some of your favorite tunes and the sound system is topnotch. What is it about alcohol that makes your dance moves so fluid and your rhythm quite impeccable? On nights like this, you could win a round on Dancing with the Stars.

Midnight Munchies

The clock strikes midnight but you're not Cinderella so you don't have to head home. Oh, definitely not! Instead, it's time to order some midnight munchies from the appetizer menu. What's it going to be: nachos and salsa, shrimp cocktail, or a roast beef sandwich? You and your friends can order a variety of appetizers and share them. You don't want to have too heavy of a meal when you're going to be dancing the evening away.

Time to Go Home

It's 2:00 a.m. and finally time to head home. Your buddy isn't sure he should drive home after drinking so you opt for a cab ride. There are several taxis sitting on this street parked outside the string of night clubs for this exact reason. Your friend's van will be safe until tomorrow when one of you will give him a ride back to pick it up.

Aren't you glad your friend suggested heading out to take in some tunes and dancing at one of the nearby night clubs? What could have turned into a boring evening ended up being one of the most exciting ones you've had in a very long time.

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